Podcast 64: Ron Williams

Ron Williams, imaging consultant and CEO of the Landmark Group, talks about his four decades in the TV and film industries, including the transition from film to ENG (electronic news gathering) as well as from film to digital capture of TV programming, his dislike of LCD displays, OLED and SED flat panels, 3D, 4K, his work on the technical infrastructure for broadcasting the Beijing Olympics, movie piracy in China, digital cinema, and answers to chat-room questions.

Run Time: 56:06

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WazNeeni's picture


The most interesting parts of the conversation for me were when you guys were discussing the "behind the scenes" details of the movie theatre business. What would be awesome is to have someone from Marcus or AMC to explain exactly how theatres are run. The technical and the business aspects. I think that would be incredibly interesting! Of course, they'd have to be honest and not try to hide the things a theatre company big-wig would normally want to keep from the public. Of course, you have always insisted that your guests give us the entire story, and to not spare the details, which is what makes HTG one of the 2 very best shows on TWiT. The other being FrameRate. Seriously, Scott. In my opinion, HTG is the very best show on TWiT.


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