PMC Pro and Bryston demonstrated this small bedroom system.
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Colin's picture

What?! and no comment on the sound?! Tom, you dissapoint me. I sold PMC stuff for a while at a retailer, and it's damn good. TONS of dynamics and bone-crunching bass. Perfect for a massive home theater, though, not the most nuanced speaker (I mean come on! look at the size! this speaker doesn't exactly "dissapear").

Derf Tanmangian's picture

Are those things over the woofers supposed to keep small birds from being sucked in?

Tom Norton's picture

Attempting any sort of sonic evaluation in a space of 20 gazillion cubic feet (a typical convention center-the setup was on the open show floor) is a hopeless exercise and a waste of time. But I have heard these speakers in better environments and if your bathroom is big enough to accomodate them, and your interior decorator is blindfolded, they are indeed awesome.

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