Pioneer VSX-59TXi A/V Receiver Review System

Review System

Pioneer DV-47Ai DVD-A/SACD player
Pioneer DV-59Ai DVD-A/SACD player
Pioneer DVR-57H DVD-R/TiVo Series 2
Panasonic DVD-RP56U DVD player
Panasonic TU-DST51A ATSC tuner
Panasonic PV-HD1000 D-VHS VCR
EchoStar Dish 921PVR
Adcom GCD-600 CD changer
Loewe Aconda 38" diagonal direct-view (16:9)
Surround Speaker System
PSB Image T65 (L/R), C60 (center), S50 (surrounds), SubSonic 6i (sub)
Interconnect: AudioQuest Topaz analog audio
Digital: AudioQuest Digital 2 audio coax
Speaker: AudioQuest Type 4
Video: AudioQuest Video 2 composite, S2 S-video, YIQ 2 component

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