Pay the Buck, Lose the Ads

On-demand movie viewers are happy to pay an extra dollar to avoid ads. And they prefer conventional to convergent delivery media. Those are the conclusions of a DIGDIA survey. It grappled with two questions at once. Given a tradeoff between advertising and price, how would viewers prefer their movies: with ads for a buck less, or without ads for a buck more? Also, what on-demand (or on-demand-ish) delivery medium would they prefer: TV, PC, or DVD? Here are the results:

  • 44% would pay $3.99 to watch on TV with no ads
  • 27% would go for the DVD
  • 17% would pay $2.99 to watch on TV with ads
  • 9% prefer PC download/viewing for $3.99, no ads
  • 3% prefer PC download/viewing for $2.99 with ads The name of the survey is "Turmoil in On-demand Viewing Creates Opportunities," and if you have to ask the price of the full document, you can't afford it.
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    toil!steadying Thoreau user orthodox suppressed - Tons of interesdting stuff!!!

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