Parasound Model 7100 Surround Controller and Model 5250 Amplifier Ratings

Ratings: Parasound Model 7100 Surround Controller and Model 5250 Amplifier

Build Quality: 93
• Quality internal components in both the amp and surround controller
• Rugged, sturdy build on both models

Value: 96
• The Parasound tradition of performance with value lives on
• The model 5250 offers serious bang for the buck

Features: 94
• Power to spare from the Model 5250
• Abundant features and connections on the Model 7100

Performance: 94
• Strong performance with all sorts of material: multichannel or stereo, music, or movies
• Smooth, natural sound coupled with plenty of punch

Ergonomics: 94
• Setup software makes setup and tweaking a breeze
• Quality, well-laid-out remote control

Overall Rating: 94
The Model 7100 and Model 5250 are clearly worthy successors to the Parasound tradition of excellent sound at an excellent price. This is a potent combination of performance, features, and value that immediately ups the ante in the midpriced separates category.

General Information
Model 7100 Surround Controller, $3,000
Model 5250 Amplifier, $2,500
Parasound Products
(415) 397-7100
Dealer Locator Code PAR

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