Panasonic VT30 Plasma

The flagship of Panasonic's 2011 lineup is the VT30, with Infinite Black Pro 2, THX certification, and ISFccc modes along with 3D and Viera Connect.

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The VT25 does not match the Kuro in terms of black level, no question. As a result, it does not meet the Kuro's picture quality, though other aspects of its performance (colorimetry, grayscale, etc.) are very good. And I'm not saying its black level is poor; it's also very good, though not as good as Kuro.

I don't know about the VT30 announced at the show; I haven't seen it in a really dark environment yet. I hear it's not on display in such an environment here (as the VT25 was last year), but I'll know for sure when I visit the Panasonic booth today.

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Is Panasonic and/or you convinced the VT has met or surpassed the black level and the picture quality of the best Pioneer Kuros?

Please report on this in no uncertain terms.


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It sure is...
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I suspect it will be at least several years before we see a 50-inch 4K display, if ever. For one thing, the advantage of 4K would probably be minimal at that screen size (unless you sit really close to it), and it would be very expensive to manufacture. Plus, there's not much point in making a 4K display for the mass market until there's a way to deliver 4K content, which will require a new disc format and/or a substantial increase in generally available online bandwidth, either of which will take years to develop and implement.
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Scott is that a silver strip on the edge of the bezel?

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Scott, if 3D is more about marketing something new to sell, don't you think once 3D matures they will announce 4K as the next thing we need to buy? Marketing 101, they have to come up with something new to sell.

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Scott, while at the panasonic booth were you able to view the VT30 in a dark room if so how were the Black levels in comparison to the VT25 or even any of the 9th generation Kuro plasmas also will the 3D glasses from panasonic be the same or will they be changing those as well and do you think the VT30 was more impressive than let say the Samsung D8000

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Scott, they have a 152" 4K, what year do you think we will see a 50" 4K at CES? It's what we want!

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Scott - Did you and/or any other UAV staff/contributor get to see the VT30 under critical conditions sufficient to draw a real comparison to the Kuro? On a related note, is there any validity to the measurement termed "residual luminance" to quantify the remaining light emitted from a panel attempting to reproduce an empty signal? If I understand it correctly this is what Pioneer claimed went to zero with the last generation of Kuros. Can UAV measure it and publish it as a part of all future display reviews? Thanks.

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Scott, watching coverage today on TWIT, do you think we will see 5K displays and not the 4K that has garnered much attention?

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I doubt we'll ever see 5K displays; resolution numbers tend to be multiples of 2, so it will be 4K, then possibly 6K or 8K. But even 4K won't be a consumer resolution for many years in my opinion. We might see 4K fact, we already have the Sony VPL-VW1000ES 4K projector...but commercial 4K content for the home market is years away.

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