McIntosh Intros First Blu-ray Player

McIntosh introduced its first Blu-ray player, the MVP881 BR ($8000, shipping this month). Its custom fabricated steel and aluminum enclosure conceals an all-metal drive that handles SACD and DVD-Audio as well as BD, DVD, and CD. Video processing is Silicon Optics HQV Realta. McIntosh also took the wraps off a new pre-pro, the MX 150 ($12,000, also shipping this month), and the MEN220 two-channel room correction system featuring Lyngdorf Audio's RoomPerfect technology ($4500).

Tom Norton's picture

I wonder how many of the smaller specialty manufacturers introducing new Blu-ray players, including McIntosh, Ayre, Anthem, Theta, and Krell (many of them very expensive), had a nasty shock when they realized their products will be incompatible with the new 3D Blu-ray format. With more limited resources they can't turn things around as quickly as the major CE companies; they've probably been developing these first players for years and now their potential market has been slashed. How many high-end customers will want 3D? No one knows for certain, but many such products end up in expensive custom install where all the newest bells and whistles are expected.

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