Look Closely Into the Driver… You’re Getting Very Sleepy…

Due to popular demand in some quarters, here is a picture of your intrepid author and one of your guides through this maze of consumer electronics we call the CEDIA Expo. That space age looking device is not being used to assimilate you. It’s the coincident midrange/tweeter array from Thiel’s CS3.7 loudspeaker. And it looks cool.
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Shane's picture

Being an admitted narcissist, this is my favorite Blog comment of all time.

Shane's picture

I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that I'm a good deal younger than my esteemed colleagues at UAV!

Max's picture

Glad to read that my comment was well received giving the fact that It came from a guy... That's the beauty with narcissits! You remind me a lot of my girlfriend's husband (total hunk) who always reminded me or Cary Elwes so in a odd way you look like a darker, more "butch" Cary Elwes! May be that's just a good picture though... May be after reading your reviews here and there for a long time I am simply surprised to see you and see that you are not, indeed, a "good deal" older than your colleagues... And, of course, maybe you're a real hunk! Anyhow, you're probably already "googling" to see who Cary Elwes is and I have a feeling that the narcissist in you will be quite pleased. Don't drown yourself though ;-)

Max's picture

As you wish...! ;-)

Robert Shumake's picture

Your blog is so informative

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