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The remote worked as expected, though I did uncover a few minor annoyances. Although buttons are kept to a minimum on each page to maintain decent spacing between keys, the 0-9 numeric keys were a tad too close together for me. Typing in the channel I wanted required careful, concentrated finger aim. Additionally, I found it difficult to use the remote single-handed - my thumb would invariably slip and hit the wrong button.

I also have a quibble about the 1000's infrared output. Frankly, it just seems to be less powerful than that of other Harmony remotes I've used. For example, a Harmony 670 is my current daily workhorse, and there are locations I can use the 670 where the 1000 simply won't work. On several occasions, components wouldn't respond if I pressed buttons with the remote laying in my lap or sitting on the couch next to me, requiring me to - heaven forbid! - pick up the remote and point it at my gear.

BOTTOM LINE Touchscreen remotes usually evoke either a love 'em or hate 'em reaction from users, and the Logitech Harmony 1000 touchscreen remote control likely won't sway any hardcore followers from either camp. Some people just like the tactile feel and intuitive hand operation of a hard-button remote. On the other hand, touchscreens traditionally provide incredible customization - something this Harmony lacks, though the upside is simple, straightforward programming. And there's no doubt this is the coolest and most high-tech looking Harmony ever.

Personally, I'm not ready to trade in my old 670 for a 1000, though I can still recommend it highly for anyone who likes touchscreens and falls in love with its sexy looks. Either way, if you're in the market for a remote control, definitely check out one of the Harmony models. Whether you prefer the smooth, buttonless feel of the 1000 or opt for one of the company's traditional remotes, you won't go wrong.

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