JVC 3D Projectors

JVC's press conference was full of 3D projectors—six in all, though in typical JVC fashion, the company's pro and consumer divisions each offer the same projector with different model numbers, which means there are really three new 3D models, all of which use active-shutter glasses.

At the top of the heap are the DLA-RS60 (from the pro division) and DLA-X9 (from the consumer division), which use a new short-arc lamp to pump out 1300 ANSI lumens, 50 percent more than the previous generation. A new optical system helps these puppies achieve a native contrast ratio of 100,000:1 without a dynamic iris, and other features include a new 7-axis color-management system (primaries, secondaries, and orange for fine tuning skin tones) and a redesigned 120Hz Clear Motion Drive system that inserts black frames between image frames to lower black level and reduce crosstalk. Also provided is an internal database of screen characteristics that optimizes the projector for the specific screen being used.

The RS60/X9 will list for $12,000 when it ships in November, and it will include two pairs of glasses and an IR emitter. The RS50/X7 will be $8000 with a contrast ration of 70,000:1 and no included glasses ($180 each) or emitter ($80), though it is ISF certified like the flagship. At the entry level is the RS40/X3 with a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and no ISF certification for $4500.

The 3D demo used an RS40 on an 8-foot-wide Stewart Studiotek 130 screen showing Despicable Me. It looked as good as I've seen that movie, which isn't saying much, given its poor use of 3D. Also on display was the RS60 in 2D mode, which looked spectacular.

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David Vaughn's picture
I see a projector upgrade in my future!
Jon Iverson's picture
If the regular HD viewing is as good or better than the current models--and you get 3D--this is looking very appealing.
David Vaughn's picture

That's what I was thinking as well. The base model paired with a VideoEQ Pro or DVDO scaler with CMS is a bargain. Sure, you lose 20K of contrast over the X7, but you save A LOT of coin!

Jarod's picture

I will third that notion! What a beautiful projector and thats just on the outside! This looks to be the year of the projector

Seth G.'s picture

My space allowed a projector but my living room is quite small and I just don't have a layout to accommodate for a projector it in the first place
But the idea of an RS40 with a videoEQ pro - I really like that idea!
I had been toying around with the idea trying to shoehorn in a HD950 from JVC,
but the new RS40 looks to offer all the HD950 has and more at a lower price point
which makes this that much more of an attractive option!
That and in the LCOS world JVC is so much farther ahead of the likes of Sony
and at a much better price point!
This is something to consider - I would like a larger screen for my nightly movie!

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