HD FVD Wins Disc Format War

Taiwan-based AOSRA's HD FVD format has driven both Blu-ray and HD DVD from the market, ending an ugly format war that threatened to go on for years. This poster explains why: The price is "low," compared to the "high" prices of other formats. Said Blu-ray and HD DVD spokespeople in unison: "We surrender to HD FVD. We cannot go on living a lie. What are we going to tell our parents?" Then they burst into tears. (Enlargement, spec sheet.)

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At last!!! The expensive "war" between Blu-Ray & HD-DVD is over..surrendering to a third (abiet unknown) format. However, before jumping on the bandwagon, I would like to see extensive testing of the FVD player and its compatability to existing digital TVs and assorted audio equipment.

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