Fitting In

Wisdom Audio’s S90i Sage Series in-wall/on-wall subwoofer stands out from the crowd of traditional subwoofers in its versatility alone. The in-wall/in-ceiling sub can be installed in-wall, in-ceiling, in a closet, or in the floors. However, Wisdom Audio says this sub deserves more than just praise for its ability to be concealed.

The S90i promises to provide high-end performance through its dual woofer, regenerate line design. It measures in at a massive size of 90 inches tall, making it a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, when you use the in-wall/on-wall sub with complementary Sage Series speakers, it takes full advantage of Audyssey room correction. Who knew an in-wall/on wall sub could have this much versatility? Pricing for the S90i Sage Series sub has not been announced yet.

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