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Wal-Mart Music Downloads


America's biggest retailer hardly needs real estate on your computer screen, but unlike its parking lot-encircled buildings, this store is open 24/7 and delivery is just seconds away. The Wal-Mart store is a lot less glitzy than the other music stores here, and you won't find the uncensored versions of "offensive" pop offerings. But the 88¢-a-song price makes it the least expensive nonsubscription site this side of Napster's 50-song Track Pack deal. Unlike the other services, which have their own players and song managers, Wal-Mart's download store uses the Windows Media Player to play and manage all your music.

The downloads, which come as 128-kbps WMA-DRM files, can be transferred to Plays­ForSure portables like those from Creative, iriver, and others or networked to other rooms using a receiver compliant with WMA-DRM.

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