Disney to Bow CDVU+

In an attempt to reverse declining CD sales, one label has settled on the novel idea of actually offering consumers more for their money. Disney's Hollywood Records will soon take the wraps off a new CDVU+ format with an initial release by the Jonas Brothers.

CDVU+ stands for CD View Plus. In addition to standard Red Book audio, it will also feature what the press release describes as a "new musical experience that 'reads' like a digital magazine full of exclusive content, hidden 'easter eggs,' and interactive goodies that, once downloaded, can be accessed both on and offline. CDVU+ replaces the traditional CD booklet/jewel case with eco-friendly packaging (100% recyclable, 35% post-consumer) while still offering an unprecedented amount of content." Whew!

Among the goodies will be a 50-page digital print package, song lyrics, 10 video segments, behind-the-scenes footage, a letter from the band, links to websites with more stuff, a customizable autographed poster creator, hidden links to other exclusive content, and perhaps most promising of all, an "intimate guitar instruction session with the band." Now that's interactivity!

The first release in the new format will be a self-titled album by the Jonas Brothers, due August 7. It's the band's second album, following the debut release It's About Time.

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