A Different Kind of Blue

What's more impressive than a stack of McIntosh gear? More than just looking good, McIntosh is releasing their most powerful amps ever. The MC1.2KW Mono Power Amplifier delivers a whooping 1200 watts. Imagine what that will do when you crank up your Metallica CDs. The MA700 Integrated Amp offers up 250 watts x seven channels for a truly off-the-hook home theater.
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kelsci's picture

It is about time that somebody made and integrated home theater amplifier instead of pushing receivers on us all the time. Knowing Mac's prices, it will probably cost a fortune.

Howard's picture

The MC2Ks are the most powerful at 2000 watts per channel. Check your facts before you post inaccurate info.

Jimmy's picture

The MA7000 (there is no MA700) is a 250W stereo integrated amplifier, I wonder where the seven channels come from. http://www.mcintoshlabs.com/data/brochures/MA7000%20Literature.pdf The MC2Ks are 2000watts and they exist since at least a year. I thought I could rely on facts posted here.. sorry if I sound rude.

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