CEALS 2010: Anthem

The Consumer Electronics Association hosted a Line Show in midtown Manhattan for the second consecutive year. Our colleagues at TWICE covered the economic forecast while we did a walk-through. Anthem, long known for its pre-pros and multichannel amps, unveiled four receivers. They range from the MRX 300 ($1000) to the MRX 900 ($4000). All have Anthem's own room correction.
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YES! Hopefully there will be a $1000 Anthem to suit my needs!

Ruben Ribeiro's picture

Dear Mark; I been seeing your tests and comments about receivers in Home Theater Magazine, Im interesting about the Onkyo 807 or 808. I have this doubts:First, you in the test of November,2009 in performance put 5 stars, but then reading the measures labs arrives to 1% of distortion to 33 watts with the seven channels working.Second, why does it has so many price diference with an equal example Denon 4310.Third, is it a good receiver?So then, thank you so much, Ruben from Argentina.

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