Cambridge Audio Azur 551R A/V Receiver Specs

Audio Decoding:
Dolby: TrueHD, EX, Digital 5.1, Pro Logic II/IIx
DTS: HD Master Audio, HD High Resolution Audio, ES, DTS 5.1, 96/24, Neo:6
Other: Five DSP modes
3D: Yes
THX Certified: No
Number of Amp Channels: 7
Rated Power (Watts Per Channel): 90 into 8 ohms, two channels driven
Specified Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 20 kHz, –1 dB
Video Processing: Faroudja FLI2310
Auto Setup/Room EQ: CAMCAS (No Room EQ)
Dimensions (W x H x D, Inches): 16.9 x 4.3 x 13.3
Weight (Pounds): 22
Price: $1,299

Inputs: Video: HDMI 1.4 (4), component video (2), S-video (2), composite video (3)
Audio: Coaxial digital (4), optical digital (4), stereo analog (6), 7.1-channel analog (1), 1/8-inch mini-jack (1)
Additional: AM antenna (1), FM antenna (1)
Outputs: Video: HDMI 1.4 (1)
Audio: Coaxial digital (1), optical digital (1), stereo analog (1), 7.1-channel preamp (1), 1/4-inch headphone (1)
Additional: RS-232 (1), IR emitter (1)

Company Info
Cambridge Audio
Audio Plus Services
(800) 663-9352

Cambridge Audio
(800) 663-9352

Ladyfingers's picture

I am looking for a music-friendly receiver, and something I find galling on my NAD T747 is the brief time the DAC takes to awaken from a silent stream, clipping off the openings of songs.

Does the Cambridge Audio here have instantaneous lock like all the other non-"music prioritised" receivers I've ever used?

krawiec's picture

The Azur 551R is very nearly as simple to use as an A/V receiver can be, yet it gives up little or nothing to the bristling, feature-laden models in its same price range.The Cambridge appears milled out of a solid block of aluminum, with the kind of fit and finish you expect on expensive German cars but rarely find on audio/video gear.

banc de swiss

bommai's picture

I also owned a T747 briefly. However I returned it and got a Nad T775HD for a great price. However it also had the same issue as the T747 with optical and hdmi that you are referring to. However after persistent communication with NAD support they released a firmware update that fixed the issue I love it.

greenavis's picture

Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me.

Matt12's picture

Last week I had a chance to experience the Azur 551R and compare it with the Marantz SR6007. My main priority is classical music and I really liked the musicality of the 551R. The Marantz almost sounded flat in comparison. However, my music (and movies) is on a NAS, so I would need to add something like a Sonos Connect or Cambridge's NP30 to the 551R. I do not have much experience with room set-up/correction so the absence of Audyssey room correction also seems a real disadvantage, as is the omission of advanced low-listening modes.

What would be good audiophile alternatives to the 551R in roughly the same price range (below $2000)?

I am also thinking of getting new speakers and the glowing review of the Goldenear TritonCinema Three got me salivating. Would they be a good match for the Azur 551R (or alternatives)?

I want to use the system in our 300 sq ft dining/living room, probably 70/30 music (classical, jazz) and movies.

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One of the things I most like is surfing around in the internet and getting to find awesome content like this one. I've been looking for information on the Cambridge Audio Azur 551R A/V Receiver. Really grateful for it.

erhalten Sie hier

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