Audio Can be 3D, Too

GenAudio's AstoundSound 3D-audio system is explained by inventor Jerry Mahabub; download a free 30-day trial of the consumer application here.

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Hi Scott; I have been to this website before. I listened to the sample of HELLBOY 2 and one or two of the music selections. I was impressed with the samples. I downloaded the trial thingy but I could not get sound or it was too low. Over the past few months I figured out it was some computer settings of mine and by trial and error I downloaded the trial the other day and got it to work. I had some stored stereo movie files. Unfortunately, I have to say that I found the stereo separation to only be poor to fair. I tried the three expander modes but they did not help. I deleted the program and listened to the virtual mode on the Realtek HD audio thingy that came with this E-Machines computer. That worked fine(I had to defeat virtual on Realtek go get AstoundSound to work). I also think that my upconverted Magnavox dvd player with its virtual surround mode also sounds quite good.

If this application can sound like Hellboy 2 all the time on the demo this company could have really something.

jerryphysicist's picture

Hi Kelsci: This is Jerry (the person in the interview with Scott). Might I recommend you go to our new website, and see if any of the information there helps you to better understand how our software processing works. You can also contact our tech support department by sending an email to and they would be happy to assist you with whatever might not be working correctly either with our software or your system and it's audio settings. As with all software, there could be a potential bug fix that we are unaware of, so please provide Jim with your system information such as the exact OS you are using, memory, etc. Also, the demos on our website were all created using our 3D audio software and all our 3D audio software applications are based on the same exact software core, whether for professional audio use or for the consumer. Not sure what could be the issue with your Mac or PC without being there to listen to what you are experiencing when our unique 3D audio processing is turned on. We have tested our software on multiple different systems, both Mac and PC, so I hope we can get whatever issue you are having resolved in a timely manner. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. We very much so appreciate any feedback from our end-users as this helps us to continuously improve our software products.

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