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Legacy Audio has announced a four-channel follow-up to the Powerbloc2 stereo amplifier it unveiled last fall.
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Monster Digital is taking a different approach with the Monster Vision VR virtual reality camera it introduced at CES 2017.
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Lauren Dragan Posted: Jan 22, 2017 1 comments
Yes, it’s been a few weeks since CES, but it’s taken me that long to not only process everything that happened, but also to recover from the annual resulting cold (no amount of hand washing could prevent what my colleagues and I came to refer to as “The Pepcom Plague”). So, if you’re sick of the same old CES coverage (ooh look! More drones!) then read on to find the top 5 things I learned at CES 2017.
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Those who grew up in the age of vinyl LP records remember that preparing for the listening experience was an artform in itself. Ceremoniously removing the LP from the sleeve, while gently grasping the edge of the album, fingertips kept oh-so-carefully away from the surface lest a fingerprint mar the surface. The precise application of disc-washing solution to the luxurious velvet of the cleaning pad, followed by the virtuoso swipe of the pad across the grooves. The placement of the stylus on the record required finesse - a person was judged by how silently and gently the needle was placed on the disc.

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Netflix has struck a multi-faceted production deal with comedian Jerry Seinfeld for current and future projects.
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The 1980s get a bad rap for big hair, shoulder pads, and synthesized music. But for those of us who are middle-aged, we remember it fondly for those reasons and more. Director John Carney takes us back with his coming-of-age story set in Dublin, circa 1984, where 14-year-old Conor is sent to a more affordable school as his parents are struggling financially. With no friends to speak of, things start out rough, but he eventually finds his place when he decides to form a band in order to get the girl that’s caught his eye. His older brother tutors him on various music genres, and as the band evolves, his life takes a turn for the better.
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When Prince passed away from an accidental overdose of fentanyl this past April, multiple generations bonded over their mutual appreciation of his one-man empire of sonic creativity, quirky yet influential style, and overall mystique. In the wake of all this new and renewed interest in the Purple One, Warner has remastered his only three starring roles for high-def Blu-ray release via the simply titled Prince Movie Collection.
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The iconic videogame character Mario is on the move again in the app world. This time he’s heading for Android.
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Forty-nine years ago this month, Ralph Baer applied for a patent on a TV game system he designed that would become the first-ever home video game console.
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Build Quality
PRICE $399

Excellent noise cancellation
Clever environmental awareness modes
Sony’s LDAC streams hi-res audio over Bluetooth with compatible source
Sound lacks sparkle in the highs and presence in low mids
Muddy sound in passive mode
Heavy build can get fatiguing over long periods

With some fancy new technology, the Sony MDR-100X are pretty fantastic at noise-cancelling, but the overall sound quality is disappointing.

For several years, Bose has reigned supreme in the world of active noise cancellation. Sony is hoping to change that with the MDR1000X, their most advanced active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones to date. If the quality of noise cancelling is all that matters to you, I’ll save you time skimming: The ANC on these is rather impressive. Looking to cancel frequencies above the low rumble of an airplane, say, office voices and traffic noise? The 1000X are one of your best bets. However, if you’re also concerned with audio performance and features that extend beyond the ability to block out the world around you, read on.