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Apple has just released the 6th generation version of the iPod touch, with up to 128GB of built-in memory and the same A8 processor as the iPhone 6. It’s a gorgeous device with a 4-inch Retina display, all sleek and shiny and desperately trying to fit in. The question is: in 2015, with nearly 65% of Americans owning a smartphone, who needs it?

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The results of last week’s poll are in. We asked if you own a portable Bluetooth speaker and, if so, how often you use it. As you can see from the results below, the scales tip in favor of owning and using a Bluetooth speaker...
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Into rock and roll memorabilia? Can’t get enough of Elvis? Well, now’s your chance to own a piece of The King. Online bidding for 174 lots of authenticated Elvis artifacts starts Thursday, August 13th at 7pm CDT at The Auction at Graceland.

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I watched Adam Sandler’s latest fiction product, Pixels, and I have an opinion about it.

So do a lot of other people. I link to a few of them too.

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Among the most anticipated and admired films of 2014, Selma depicts the epochal series of marches by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo) in Selma, Alabama, which led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Brought to the screen with power and sensitivity by director Ava DuVernay, this Oscar-nominated docudrama features a host of inspired and often intimate acting and noteworthy musical selections, which include the Oscar-winning song “Glory.”
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Audio Performance
Video Performance
PRICE $1,700

4K video, including scaling and HDCP 2.2
Excellent audio quality
Simpler to use than Hodor
Missing some popular features like AirPlay and Internet Radio
No Atmos or DTS:X

Plenty of power on tap and easy to use. A few quirks that don’t amount to a hill of beans. Best of all, it sounds great!

Sony posted a video blog on their Website introducing the STR-ZA3000ES and touting how easy it is for a professional installer to set up this AVR. Guess who else would find it simple? That’s right, an 8-year-old! Not since my Sherwood stereo model (circa 1982) has a receiver gone into my oft-refreshed setup with as little fuss. That doesn’t mean this AVR isn’t capable of feats of bravery and bravado; it is. A dealer installing it can easily program it to drop a projection screen when you select the Blu-ray player’s input, or hook up a second HDTV in the bedroom to show a source that’s different from the one playing in your home theater.

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The remastered soundtrack of the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released today by Ode Sound & Visuals in celebration of the film's 40th anniversary.
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Vizio’s recent IPO filing raises questions about the collection of consumer data and how companies use it.
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Ever wish you had a few more HDMI ports on your TV for connecting a gaming console, media streamer, and other devices? Kinivo’s K300 4K HDMI Switch adds three ports and is currently selling for $35 on
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