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We sometimes stumble upon interesting things at shows. The Credenza from Richmond, VA-based design house Fern & Roby caught our eye for its originality.
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U.S. distributor The Sound Organisation has announced the availability of an update of the popular Planar 2 turntable U.K.-based Rega introduced more than 40 years.
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PRICE $899

Three gain settings
Heavy build and discrete components
Clickwheel nostalgia
No touchscreen or apps
No input for DAC use
No Bluetooth

Although short on some bells and whistles, the Questyle QP1R is a dedicated music player that offers four-figure sound and build quality at a three-figure price.

If you had chucked me into a time machine a decade ago, freed me today, then handed me the Questyle QP1R, naturally I’d mistake it for an iPod on steroids. With that clickwheel, it’s got to be an iPod, right? You’d have to explain to me that what Questyle calls the steering wheel isn’t identical to Apple’s clickwheel; here, the functions are divided differently among the wheel, its big central button, and the four vibrating touch-sensitive buttons around it.

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Sharp, the venerable brand sold under license by Hisense of China under a deal struck in 2015, announced the availability of its first Aquos TV with a 75-inch screen.
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If the rumors hold true, the next iPhone, iPhone 7 or whatever Apple calls it, will not have a headphone jack. As Chicken Little noted, "The sky is falling!" Or is it? Is it possible, just possible, that losing the headphone jack could net us a nice step forward in audio playback quality?

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Samsung has announced that the Serif TV, designed in collaboration with the acclaimed Parisian design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, is coming to the U.S. in August.
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Thomas J. Norton Posted: Jul 18, 2016 2 comments
It’s been no secret up to now that calibrating a display for high dynamic range (HDR) is a work in progress. But the recent release of an HDR10 workflow for CalMAN 2016 (the newest software from SpectraCal) promises to change that. CalMAN is widely used by calibrators and reviewers to optimize display setup.

HDR10 is one of the two most prominent HDR formats (though there are others lurking around looking for a niche). Both of these formats require specialized, and different, calibration techniques. A CalMAN workflow for the other format, Dolby Vision, has been around for several months.

But most UHD/HDR sets offer HDR10, as do all UHD Blu-rays to date, making an HDR10 calibration perhaps even more significant...

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Almost four in 10 homes with an 18-34 year-old resident rely on broadcast-only or Internet-only alternatives to cable or satellite, according to new research from GfK.

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Q Acoustics, which claims to be the UK's fastest growing loudspeaker brand, today launched a website offering a full line of home speakers. Products are also sold on eBay, Amazon, and the pro audio site
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As part of a major restructuring, Sonos is opening its first retail store in the trendy Soho section of New York City tomorrow (July 19).