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Brandon A. DuHamel Posted: Jun 18, 2015 1 comments
The incredible true story of Olympian and World War II veteran Louis Zamperini languished in Hollywood for decades. It was initially licensed as a project for Tony Curtis, who later abandoned it to star in Spartacus. Then came Laura Hillenbrand’s bestselling book, Unbroken, which caught the attention of producer/director Angelina Jolie and others, and Zamperini’s moving story has finally found its moment to shine.
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David Vaughn Posted: Jun 18, 2015 0 comments
During a routine spacewalk from the Space Shuttle, disaster strikes, leaving the Shuttle destroyed and two astronauts stranded in the darkness with death lurking just over the horizon. With their oxygen running low, the two decide to make a desperate play to reach the International Space Station and secure a ride back to Earth, but the journey won’t be easy or uneventful.
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 18, 2015 1 comments
Panasonic’s entire 2015 lineup of 4K UHD Smart TVs will carry the “Netflix Recommended TV designation, the company announced. The logo highlights Internet-enabled TVs that meet specific criteria outlined by Netflix.
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Rob Sabin Posted: Jun 17, 2015 2 comments
Emotiva, the popular Web-only supplier of “affordable high-end” audio gear, will be Web-only no more.

Company founder Dan Laufman has announced that, after 11 years online, the brand will move into select brick-and-mortar specialty retailers, with somewhere between 30 and 50 dealers signed before the end of this year.

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Barb Gonzalez Posted: Jun 17, 2015 Published: Jun 04, 2015 1 comments
Announcements of new apps and the release of two new Android TV stand-alone boxes fuel hopes that more people will be enticed to try an Android TV.
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Thomas J. Norton Posted: Jun 16, 2015 4 comments
Last time around I wrote about my experience in viewing Dolby Vision projection, part of Dolby’s Digital Cinema initiative. It features a laser projector from Christie Digital designed specifically to offer higher dynamic range in a theatrical venue. The result was spectacular, but there was an additional reason for my trip back to California. The annual Orange county Hi-Fi show was held on the last weekend in May, and I spent three days there.

The OC show is more properly known as T.H.E. Show (The Home Entertainment Show) Newport Beach (though it was actually in Irvine). “Home Entertainment” is really too broad a term to describe its emphasis. It was, with only one or two exceptions, an exclusively two-channel audio show. There are a number of similar shows in the U.S. and Canada each year—far more than as little as three years ago. The reason for the growth of these shows is the shrinking number of dedicated audio dealers. Yes, the Best Buys, Targets, Costcos, and Walmarts of the world sell their share of audio-only gear. But with rare exceptions (most prominently the Magnolia shops located in or near a select number of Best Buys), the type of audio gear you’ll find in such stores rarely interests audiophiles.

In wide swaths of the country serious audio products simply cannot be auditioned anywhere...

Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jun 16, 2015 3 comments

Build Quality
PRICE $549

Stupidly simple setup/takedown
Machine-washable screen material
Front- or rear-projection configuration
Thin (though strong) aluminum poles

Affordable, easy to set up, and convenient to transport, this huge screen has an awesome picture and provides more fun than just about anything else you can do outdoors with your clothes on. What more could you want?

Not everyone is as keen on outdoor televisions as I am. In fact, most people with whom I’ve discussed the subject have walked away convinced that I was a blithering idiot—or, at least, more of a blithering idiot than I’d previously proven myself to be. On the other hand, the folks who’ve had the chance to watch a movie or a playoff game on one of the outdoor TVs I’ve tested over the years have invariably come away from the experience with a totally different (ahem) outlook. For those of us who have watched TV au naturel, there is nothing ridiculous, extravagant, or abnormal about it. It’s just one heck of a good time.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jun 16, 2015 0 comments
Dolby Atmos Comes to Tablets via Lenovo’s Tab 2 A10 ($199) and Tab 2 A8 ($129), with 10- and 8-inch screens and Android OS. The surround effects work with any headphones...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 16, 2015 5 comments
Geoff Morrison’s recent blog, ”Death to the 'WAF' (Wife Acceptance Factor”), got us thinking about how household buying decisions are made when it comes to AV gear. Select the scenario that best describes the situation in your household and, as always, we encourage you to leave a comment to explain your choice, talk about exceptions, etc.
How Are AV Buying Decisions Made in Your Household?
I make all AV buying decisions on my own without consulting my spouse/significant other. I am male.
40% (390 votes)
I make all AV buying decisions on my own without consulting my spouse/significant other. I am female.
1% (7 votes)
I make most AV buying decisions on my own but consult my spouse/significant other on big-ticket purchases. I am male.
42% (402 votes)
I make most AV buying decisions on my own but consult my spouse/significant other on big-ticket purchases. I am female.
0% (3 votes)
I consult my spouse/significant other before purchasing any new AV gear. I am male.
17% (162 votes)
I consult my spouse/significant other before purchasing any new AV gear. I am female.
0% (3 votes)
Total votes: 967
Leslie Shapiro Posted: Jun 15, 2015 0 comments
Choice is good. My laptop can convert to a tablet. My hiking pants convert to shorts. My car converts to a stargazing roadster. And my Torque t402v on-ear headphones convert to over-ear headphones. Even better than that—the sound converts from balanced headphones to bass-heavy beasts.