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>> Number 4: Room Size

If the dynamic limits of a sealed subwoofer are well-matched to the room size and playback level, a sealed subwoofer will envelop any room in articulate, powerful bass. However, because ported subwoofers produce higher peak dynamic output, they have an edge in large rooms where less inherent "room gain" is present, especially with extremely demanding playback material. Room size can always be mitigated by going with two or more subwoofers, and using two smaller subwoofers versus one large one is often the best solution to allow for more even bass output throughout the room.

Further Research
One of the SVS subwoofer design philosophies is to narrow the gap between ported and sealed models. Meaning, sealed SVS subwoofers have amazing output and low frequency extension and the ported models are exceptionally quick with pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients. If you’d like to dig deeper into this topic, there is an insightful conversation unfolding on Sealed vs. Ported Subwoofers – A Comparison.

If you’re thinking of comparing sealed and ported models, SVS offers a 45-day in-home trial with free shipping both ways, so you can judge for yourself at home, which model is right for your system.

Regardless of whether you choose ported or sealed, adding a subwoofer to your home audio system is one of, if not THE most impactful sonic upgrades you can make and will bring a new level of feeling and energy to all music, home theater and audio experiences.


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