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Rich Warren Posted: May 21, 2003 0 comments
Photos by Tony Cordoza In the movie Kate & Leopold, Leopold (Hugh Jackman) finds himself vaulted from the 19th century into the early 21st century. Given the fascination this time traveler shows with new technology, the three home theater speaker systems here would certainly have raised his eyebrows.
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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 05, 2005 0 comments

Most of the buzz about home-network entertainment applications has focused on wireless Wi-Fi connections and traditional wired Ethernet networks. But a potentially revolutionary new technology called Power Line Communications (PLC) was spotlighted at Panasonic's press conference the day before the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show opened to the public.

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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 06, 2006 0 comments

In a nearly deserted conference room, TDVision Systems (TDV) presented its sophisticated 3-dimensional imaging system. The company made it clear it is selling technology, not products. Already in use in some major teaching hospitals and by the Defense Department, the TDV 3D system is said to be fully compatible with standard 2D images.

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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 10, 2003 0 comments
The first day of the International CES ended on a colorful note at a Sharp press conference on the convention floor in front of scores of its LCD TVs. The company arrayed rows and rows of its flat-screen TVs, from 13 to 37 inches - a total of 286 displays - as the focus of its space.
Rich Warren Posted: Nov 16, 2004 0 comments

Normally, speakers don't jazz me out of the box - I gotta hear them first. But Canton 's CD 300 speaker system, which combines technology from the company's high-end Karat series with the sleek design of its smaller CD 100 model, primed the adrenaline pump even before I connected the speakers to my receiver.

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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 05, 2006 0 comments

For viewers who want more programming choice than is available off the air but not the expense of cable or satellite, USDTV offers a unique alternative. It leases unused secondary digital channels, often from religious broadcasters, and provides over-the-air pay TV.

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Rich Warren Posted: Nov 20, 2002 0 comments
Photos by Tony Cordoza

Spend $850 on a used car, and in a few days you'll spend another $850 on repair costs. Invest $850 in the stock market, and in a few weeks you'll have $600 worth. Spend $850 on Cambridge SoundWorks' new MegaTheater 510 DVD home theater system, and in a few minutes you'll have more entertainment than you bargained for.

Rich Warren Posted: Aug 29, 2004 0 comments

Looking for a good test DVD for Definitive Technology's BP7002 system, I settled on the swashbuckling Master and Commander. The commander, Jack Aubrey, portrayed by Russell Crowe, set sail in 1805 in this adaptation of Patrick O'Brian's historically accurate novel, but the special effects and sound quality are definitely 21st century.

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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 10, 2004 0 comments

Integra and Integra Research finally learned what pizza makers have known for decades. You establish a reputation for a great basic pie and finish it off to suit each customer's taste. Actually, these brands are simply designing high-end audio/video electronic components as if they were PCs.

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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 05, 2006 0 comments

DirecTV's latest HD-compatible satellite receiver supports both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video coding.


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