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Five years ago, if you'd asked a home theater nut if you could play Metal Gear Solid on his 50-inch screen, he probably would have beaten you about the head and neck with a copy of the Die Hard trilogy and banished you from the room.

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Architectural rendering, Larry Garrick Interior and design stylist, John Patrick

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Michael Gaughn Posted: Jun 10, 2003 0 comments
Illustrations by Eric Yang Pretty much all you need to know about satellite radio can be summed up in one paragraph. There are two services, Sirius and XM. XM offers 101 channels, with 71 of them devoted to music, and the rest to news and talk. Sirius has 100 channels (or "streams," as it calls them), 60 of them music-only.
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0605_blue_heaven_facesBlue Man Group founders Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink (shown sans face paint at right) have been busy little performance artists since we talked to them for last April's "Blue Men Exposed," opening a spectacular surround sound-fil

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Movie •••½ Picture ••• Sound ••• Extras none

In retrospect, it's clear that David Lynch&#


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