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David Ranada Posted: Apr 04, 2004 0 comments

Almost overshadowing the rich out cropping of standard-definition DVD recorders at this year's CES was the looming presence of several prototype high-definition disc players and recorders. Many of the manufacturers backing one of the two high-def disc systems bitterly contending to become the new international standard were displaying their first go at a machine.

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David Ranada Posted: Jun 15, 2006 0 comments

06/16/2006 - The news wires have recently been carrying stories on how teens around the world have hijacked a signal in the near-ultrasonic range originally developed by a company in Wales to disperse groups of loitering youth. The signal has been turned instead into a ringtone for cellular phones.

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David Ranada Posted: Apr 01, 2002 0 comments

At $2,800, the least expensive Vaio PC in Sony's MX desktop line doesn't seem like much of a bargain these days, even for a 1.7-GHz, Pentium 4 with an 80-gigabyte (GB) hard drive, 512 megabytes (MB) of memory, the exciting "home" version of Windows XP, and two better-than-average speakers (the 15-inch Sony LCD monitor shown is $600 extra).

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David Ranada Posted: Oct 19, 2003 0 comments
Photo by John Wilkes Visiting a local Circuit City recently, I saw several customers in front of the display of DVD recorders, mulling over the three or four models shown. Unfortunately, that's all they were doing - mulling. Although each of them probably yearned to replace an aging VCR with a shiny new DVD recorder, nobody had the gumption to lay down the bucks.
David Ranada Posted: Nov 10, 2004 0 comments

While you might want to start with a budget model if you're looking for your first DVD recorder, there are good reasons to explore the higher end of the price range. Up there, you'll find models that make it easier to do time-shift recording and that provide storage and editing options not found on starter units.

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David Ranada Posted: Mar 14, 2006 0 comments

03/17/2006 Last weekend I went shopping for a protective jacket for the iPod Nano I bought recently. (Yes, even Sound & Vision reviewers buy gear at retail.) The buzz was that the Nano's high-gloss finish was more easily scratched than the finish on earlier iPods, something I can't verify.

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David Ranada Posted: Dec 05, 2005 0 comments

Even as HDTV takes hold, there are people (including me) looking for the "next big thing" that will improve video's realism. My recent experience with InterVideo's popular WinDVD DVD-player program for PCs has shown me one of the possibilities.

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David Ranada Posted: Oct 21, 2002 0 comments
As I write these words, right around the corner from Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and his pals James Cameron, Peter Gabriel, Beatles' producer Sir George Martin, and LL Cool J-Microsoft calls him "a major music artist and film actor"-introduced with typical extravagance the clumsily named Windows Media 9 Series, the technologies formerly c
David Ranada Posted: Jul 14, 2003 0 comments

Photos by Tony Cordoza As much as we'd all like to own a flagship model receiver, they aren't for everybody. Though well equipped and high powered, they tend to be massive and extremely expensive. If you set your sights just a little bit lower - especially when it comes to power - you can get an awful lot of receiver for substantially less money.

David Ranada Posted: Nov 04, 2004 0 comments

When you watch a movie like Spider-Man 2 in an Imax theater, as I did recently, you're likely to be struck not only by the sheer size and detail of the picture, but also by the seemingly effortless ability of the Imax system to put out immense amounts of sound. Much of this ability comes from having lots of amplifier power.


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