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Billy Altman Posted: May 09, 2006 0 comments
Fox Confessor Brings the Flood Anti/Epitaph
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The latest from solo artist (and New Pornographer) Neko Case
Billy Altman Posted: Jul 24, 2007 0 comments
Those the Brokes Astralwerks
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How you react to the Magic Numbers' second CD probably depends
Billy Altman Posted: Feb 26, 2009 0 comments
Blue Corn
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She's been recording for a decade, but Texas singer/songwriter Ruthie Foster was a fairly well-kept secret on the folk/
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Billy Altman Posted: Mar 14, 2012 0 comments

"Keep Austin Weird" is a catch phrase that adorns many a T-shirt in this Texas town that for well over two decades has hosted the South By Southwest music festival.

Billy Altman Posted: Apr 04, 2006 0 comments
Black Cadillac Capitol
Music •••• Sound ••••
As we learned from Rosanne Cash's Interiors (1990) and Rules of Travel (2003), the f
Billy Altman Posted: Jun 03, 2007 0 comments

Billy Altman Posted: Jul 22, 2008 0 comments
Decaydance/Fueled by Ramen
Music ••• Sound •••½

If nothing else, you certainly have to commend Panic at the Disco for deliberately choosing n

Billy Altman Posted: Jul 29, 2011 0 comments

Throughout its long history, country music has often found itself staring at the mirror and trying to make sense of the reflection.

Billy Altman Posted: Jan 14, 2006 0 comments
A Time to Love Motown
Music ••••½ Sound •••
It was hard to know just what to expect from Stevie Wonder's A T
Billy Altman Posted: Feb 08, 2007 0 comments
Yes, I'm a Witch Astralwerks
Music •••½ Sound •••½
Granted, most people had little or no inkling of who Yoko Ono


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