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SV Staff Posted: Nov 25, 2015 1 comments
Whether you hit the stores 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day or wait a few hours (or days, if not weeks…), we've revisited our Top Pick selections over the past year and come up with a tidy 10 for your consideration...
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 24, 2015 0 comments
Here’s an awesome piece of Beatles memorabilia that any record collector or fan of the Fab Four would love to own: the first mono pressing of 1968’s The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album). Even better: It’s Ringo’s personal copy.
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 23, 2015 0 comments
Torque Audio, creator of the innovative TorqueValve tunable headphone, has announced that its adjustable-bass t402v headphone is now available.
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 20, 2015 0 comments
The War Rig is racing down Fury Road through the apocalyptic wasteland in Mad Max:Fury Road and you feel like you’re along for the ride. The expansive soundtrack pulls you deep into the action. You start to fear for your life.
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 19, 2015 0 comments
Peel, maker of the Peel Smart Remote app that turns an iOS or Android smartphone into a universal remote control, has announced a revamped version of its Android app that provides access to Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube and allows users to switch back and forth between traditional linear TV and streaming services.
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 18, 2015 0 comments
Everyone knows Netflix is the No. 1 in video streaming but what other services would make a top 10 list based subscriber numbers?
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 18, 2015 2 comments
New 4K/Ultra HD televisions use an average of 30 percent more energy than their high-def predecessors, which could add $1 billion to U.S. viewers' annual utility bills if energy-saving improvements are not expanded to all models, according to a report issued yesterday by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the New York-based environmental action group.
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 17, 2015 2 comments
What’s your favorite thing to do while watching TV besides watching TV? Compare your answer with the results of TiVo’s annual Multitasking and Social Media TV Survey.
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 17, 2015 0 comments
Pandora has announced an agreement to acquire “several key assets” from the Internet radio/on-demand streaming platform Rdio, which is filing for bankruptcy.
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 17, 2015 7 comments
Not to bash Gen Y but a recent online quiz measuring how responsible (or not) people are when it comes to their tech devices found Millennials to be “America’s most irresponsible people,” according to insurance provider Protect Your Bubble, organizer of the survey.


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