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Fred Manteghian Posted: Jan 06, 2008 0 comments

Jodu Sally was as upbeat as could be expected. She admitted she had planned to discuss the great strides HD DVD had made in 2007, and continued to highlight HD DVDs many successes from Ethernet connectivity and dual video processing. But beyond that, what can you say. Warner has played its cards.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Jan 05, 2008 1 comments

Just before CES 2008, just two days before the HD DVD Promotion Group's press conference, Warner Home Video announced they would end their "format neutrality" by issuing Blu-ray discs exclusively. Releases already slated to come out in both formats would continue to do so through May 2008. After that, not so much.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Jan 05, 2008 7 comments

I was actually sad, sad for a consumer electronic company, when I saw what I saw over at the convention center late Saturday afternoon. Toshiba has always been an outstanding company, from the days of making some of the better rear projection (CRT) TVs, to their headlong dive into HD DVD, a format that offered a lot, most importantly, the potential for a single SKU with their Combo format.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Dec 29, 2007 7 comments

There isn't much to complain about this year, but that won't stop me.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Nov 28, 2007 0 comments

Do you find that others in your home don't bond with electronics as well as you do? Do you get calls at work that start with "how do I . . ." and end with "your [optional expletive deletive] [brand and function of your last electronic purchase]?

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Nov 24, 2007 1 comments

Saturday morning and the cable modem craps out. I hook up the Blackberry to my laptop and pull over into the truck lane of the Information Highway.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Nov 15, 2007 0 comments

So here I sit, my furniture all rearranged like an overcrowded antique store, just so I can be in the sweet spot. It is speaker review time again at the Manteghians.' It takes a long time to break out and set up speakers, and you've lots of boxes to deal with. But the simplicity of a speaker is what is most appealing. No HDMI to DVI handshaking problems, no video cross-coding issues, no 3:2 pulldown. You just sit down and listen to music and watch movies. Of course, it's only enjoyable when the speakers in question sound great – like this Definitive Technology Mythos system does.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Nov 01, 2007 14 comments

I remember sitting in a CES press conference sometime in the year $149 D.V.D. listening to Toshiba whine about how no one was making any money selling DVD players any more. But moments later, they were announcing new models with new features and even lower price points. I guess you can't blame them. After all they had a lot of competition back then.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Oct 09, 2007 13 comments

Shane and David are taking shrapnel over on Shane's blog regarding BD replication "rumors" (which are what Blu-ray fanboys calls factual, documented and critically contradictory statements from Sony's DADC division regarding BD disc yields over the span of a year) so I thought I'd run a flank attack and see if we can't create enough of a diversion to get those two to safety.

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Fred Manteghian Posted: Oct 07, 2007 6 comments

Well, DirecTv's new high definition channels are here and, er, what the heck were they thinking? On TNTHD, a station that existed as channel 75 before the hoopla and is now also shown on 245, "Save the Last Dance" is being shown in 4x3 stretch mode. Sci-Fi's high def incarnation is showing Merlin, a movie that was only shot in 4x3 (but at least they're not stretching it). USA is showing "Law & Order: CI" on their high def station properly, but in a weird-aspect challenged pillow box (black bars on all four sides) on their regular definition channel. A&E's has some high def shows that they're cropping and then stretching to 16x9 judging by the look of it. Only TBS's high def baseball game looks good enough that it gives me nothing to complain about – except that fact that the Yankees are losing.


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