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SV Staff Posted: May 14, 2008 0 comments
Consider something really bright (like the sun on a sunny day) and something really dark (like under your covers at night). That span from light to dark can be expressed as a contrast ratio; the human eye has good ability in that regard. Now...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 18, 2009 0 comments
Fall TV season is getting close now, but until new episodes of our favorite shows start rolling off the line, Blu-rays are going to be getting a lot of rotation. This week has some good titles, but lacks in the special features department. ...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 19, 2009 0 comments
  ...and you know what that means: It's an official reason/excuse for yer vinyl-centric EIC to buy more wax! Yes, it's true — the folks who bring us that wonderful annual spring event, Record Store Day, are presenting Saturday, June...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 11, 2008 0 comments
Is there an HDTV owner in America who thinks there's a glut of HD channels and content to watch? Probably not. Well, maybe one. His name is Michael Angelakis, and he's the chief financial officer of Comcast. At a conference Monday, he told the...
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 24, 2009 0 comments
Our Custom Installer John Sciacca runs down his top options to add great bass to your home theater:JL Audio Fathom f212 Front and back views of a sealed, dual-driver 12-incher that reinforces JL’s reputation for delivering deep bass. Satin...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 31, 2012 11 comments
Wondering which HDTV or audio components to buy now? Look no further than Sound & Vision's Top Picks, our reviewers’ exclusive listing of recommended gear. Just determine your budget, scroll through the products, and use the links to read the full reviews. You’ll also find shopping and tech tips for the key categories. Happy hunting!
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 20, 2010 0 comments
It's like this . . .  You "wake up" in the (late) morning, and immediately there are panel discussions to run to. Then there are day parties to hopscotch to and fro — not to party at, mind you, but to see bands that you...
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 01, 2009 0 comments
Have you ever seen the after-effects of a power surge on your equipment? More importantly, have you ever paid to replace your home theater equipment after a power surge has destroyed them? Torus Power has a new product line, the new AVR...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 01, 2010 0 comments
The development of organic LED displays in home entertainment faced a huge setback, as Toshiba announced that it won't pursue OLED production anymore. Toshiba, together with Panasonic, spent over $190 million to set up an OLED manufacturing...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 07, 2009 0 comments
It's been a long time coming, but Toshiba has finally joined the ranks of electronics manufacturers making Blu-ray Disc players. After the years-long HD-DVD/Blu-ray fight, the company has embraced the prevailing high-def format with the BDX2000. It...


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