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SV Staff Posted: Feb 05, 2009 0 comments
Think you do the funniest things with your computer? Spout the wittiest comments on your YouTube videos? Wouldn't you love a pair of these speech bubble speakers perched next to their computer monitor to make sure you hear every funny blurb,...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 03, 2009 0 comments
Speculation about LG abandoning plasma screen technology seems to be unfounded, according to a statement the company released last week and reaffirmed by John Taylor, LG Electronics USA's Vice President of Public Affairs. The release reaffirms...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 07, 2008 0 comments
Just because you've bought your home theater equipment at bargain retailer Target doesn't mean you're going to be left on your own to figure out how to make it all work. Target just announced a partnership with Zip Express Installation. Zip will...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 02, 2010 0 comments
There's a bit of a hitch in the previously reported rumor that a new Apple TV is coming. It turns out that Steve Jobs himself isn't very big on set-top boxes, and doesn't see much of a future in them because of the prevalence of digital cable and...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 31, 2010 0 comments
I recently had a disagreement with a friend about the band, Sunn O))). They're what's considered a drone metal band, which means they come out on stage in monk robes and play long strings of guitar sounds with an almost total lack of...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 05, 2009 0 comments
Adding 16GB of built-in storage to the PSPGo was a great move on Sony's part. It's something fans have been asking for since launch and it makes integration with the PS3 that much easier. But, by nixing the UMD drive, they have put...
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Michael Berk Posted: Apr 12, 2011 0 comments

U2 will be webcasting the third and final show of the Sao Paulo stop of their U2360° tour; things get started at 9:30 EST. If you're in South America you can tune in gratis (check here for details and a list of URLs) to check out the action from Morumbi Stadium.

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SV Staff Posted: Jul 03, 2007 0 comments
Time and tide wait for no man, and neither do DVD release dates. Somehow these excellent boxed sets managed to avoid getting reviewed by me, but I think they deserve a plug anyway, and what better place for plugging than a blog. So here's a dozen...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 17, 2009 0 comments
If your Blu-ray library is lacking some 90's classics like Total Recall we have a perfect deal for you here. More HD and gadget deals* after the jump. BOSTON ACOUSTICS P400B On-Wall 3-Channel Speaker for $577.52 (normally $1,500.00).Yamaha...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 16, 2008 0 comments
It just makes sense. AT&T has an Internet and video bundle called U-verse. The iPhone is an AT&T device. Does it take a genius to connect the two?  At a showcase of future technologies, AT&T hinted that, at some point in the...
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 22, 2008 0 comments
When an older, accomplished actor dies, at least you can reflect back on a large body of work. When a talented young actor in his  prime passes, you're left wondering about what could have been. Such is the case with Heath Ledger, who passed...
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SV Staff Posted: May 01, 2009 0 comments
Let me start off by saying that I don't really want a Coldplay album, even if it is free, but fans of Chris Martin and co. will be glad to know that they can download the band's nine-track live record, Left Right Left Right Left, at no cost...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 04, 2008 0 comments
Amazon has boxed up Unbox and just announced that starting immediately, Mac and PC customers can instantly watch movies on either a Mac or PC with Amazon Video On Demand. Using the old Unbox app, material had to be downloaded first, to either a PC...
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SV Staff Posted: Apr 09, 2008 0 comments
If you're one of the unlucky souls who sprang for an HD DVD player attachment for your Xbox 360, the rest of the world may have already dismissed you, but Microsoft still has your back. Months after the format war victory officially went to...
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SV Staff Posted: Dec 15, 2009 0 comments
We've found the perfect gift for that HDTV fan on your holiday list, and it's almost 50% off the original price: Get a Samsung LN52B550 52-Inch 1080p LCD TV for $1,119.99 (normally $1,999.99). More HD and gadget deals* after the jump. ...


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