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HT Staff Posted: Jun 26, 2013 0 comments
Pioneer Electronics today unveiled a soundbar/subwoofer system designed by noted speaker engineer Andrew Jones who has a track record of designing affordable speaker packages that compete with systems that sell for much more.
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Bob Ankosko Posted: Jun 26, 2013 0 comments
It’s not every day you come across an equipment rack made of concrete, but if you’re into industrial design, the stark, angular look of the Thorax Lowboard might be just the ticket. Made by Thorax of Bochum, Germany, the rack is modular and comprises a series of 3-inch-wide concrete squares held together by screws and 1- to 2-inch-wide stainless steel or aluminum brackets; each square weighs about 33 pounds and measures 20.4 x 20.4 inches with a thickness of 1.5 inches.
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HT Staff Posted: Jun 19, 2013 2 comments
The results of last week’s survey are in. We asked what type of demo material you use to impress unsuspecting friends and family and action/adventure movies were the runaway winner capturing more than half of the votes. Computer animated movies were a distant second with 22 percent of the votes, followed by concert videos with 10 percent and current hit TV shows with 8 percent. Read on to see a list of demo recommendations from fellow enthusiasts with links to our reviews.
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Bob Ankosko Posted: Jun 18, 2013 3 comments
Hailed as a sleek “zero-glare” alternative to flat-panel TVs, the Black Diamond Motorized projection screen is ideal for minimalist décors and spaces that simply don’t have room for a huge screen. Hit a wall switch and, like magic, a slender tube descends from the ceiling and the screen unfurls, suspended from ultra-slim aircraft cable.
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HT Staff Posted: Jun 14, 2013 0 comments
Tablets Owners in Particular Show Stronger Ownership/Uusage for Just About Every Type of Tech

The technological world moves incredibly fast, with cutting edge trends sometimes getting pushed to the edge of the information and entertainment superhighway almost before the digital ink of their announcements has dried. Netbooks, for example, seemed to be the next big thing for a short time until falling victim to their own limited capabilities. E-readers have faced speculation that they may follow a similar trend, though the jury is still out on this category, with 17 percent of U.S. adults owning one.

In fact, adopters of new technology appear reluctant to let go of the old technology their new devices threaten to replace.

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HT Staff Posted: Jun 14, 2013 11 comments
Is 3D dead? That’s the question being asked in the wake of news that ESPN plans to close its ESPN 3D cable channel by the end of the year due to low demand—so low that audience ratings were below Nielsen's measurable threshold, according to a StarTribune report.

Voices throughout the industry are questioning whether 3D will ever take off or remain as a little used TV feature that will eventually wither away.

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HT Staff Posted: Jun 13, 2013 2 comments
Vizio today introduced its largest HDTV to date, the M801d 80-inch Razor LED Smart TV featuring a new Apps Plus platform and a competitive $4,000 price, the lowest list price for a TV of its size on the market.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jun 13, 2013 0 comments
The war against Hopper—Dish Network’s zippy ad-skipping DVR—has taken a couple of new tacks. TV networks hate it because it enables viewers to breeze through brain-damaging ads. They’ve made their displeasure known by fighting Hopper’s AutoHop and PrimeTime Anytime features in court on flimsy copyright-violation grounds, apparently unaware that the Supreme Court sanctioned home time-shift recording in 1984’s Betamax Decision.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jun 12, 2013 0 comments
Aereo has brought its live-TV-over-Internet service to the Boston metro area as of May 15, following a controversial launch in New York. The move expands Aereo’s reach to 4.5 million viewers spread over 16 counties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
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HT Staff Posted: Jun 10, 2013 0 comments
Pioneer has added two models to its Elite series of A/V receivers: the SC-71 ($1,100) and SC-72 ($1,400). The 7.2-channel receivers will be available this month and offer multi-zone and multi-source capability, 4K Ultra HD upscaling, high-resolution audio playback, wireless control via Pioneer’s free iControlAV2013 app (for Apple and Android device), and Pioneer’s Class D3 amplification...
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Bob Ankosko Posted: Jun 05, 2013 0 comments
The American love affair with TV is stronger than ever. Motorola Mobility’s Fourth Annual Media Engagement Barometer study found that we watch an average of 23 hours of TV programming and six hours of movies each week—four hours more than the global average of 19 and six hours, respectively, and higher than any of the 17 countries surveyed. Looked at another way, we watch more than a full day’s worth of programming every week.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jun 05, 2013 0 comments
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is crying foul over a cable operator’s request for special treatment from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is the latest shot in a long-running battle over who should control the security technology built into set-top boxes. In 2007, the FCC banned digital STBs with integrated security, instead requiring that all boxes use a removable CableCARD.
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HT Staff Posted: Jun 05, 2013 0 comments
75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set to Follow October 1

Marking the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, Warner Bros. has produced a remastered 3D version of the film that will return to the big screen for a one-week engagement in IMAX theaters across North America beginning September 20, 2013.

Following the theatrical release, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition box set on October 1, 2013...

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HT Staff Posted: Jun 04, 2013 0 comments
Cool new gear: Maiden home theater speaker ensemble from power-amp king Bryston, a $90 HDTV antenna cable cutters will love, a network music player for audiophiles, and more...
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HT Staff Posted: Jun 04, 2013 0 comments
Westone, a Colorado Springs-based company specializing in high-performance audio and in-ear monitoring technology, today introduced the water-resistant Adventure Series Alpha earphones for active users.


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