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HT Staff Posted: Apr 17, 2002 0 comments
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America (MDEA) has announced a new large-format high definition plasma screen and matching receiver. The combination is claimed to be the industry's first complete high-definition television system.
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SV Staff Posted: Apr 07, 2008 0 comments
Lasers make everything better. At least, that's what Mitsubishi hopes consumers will think when they see the company's new laser-powered HDTVs in stores this summer. The company announced Monday that its laser sets, now officially dubbed...
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HT Staff Posted: Apr 28, 2004 0 comments
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., has unveiled almost two dozen new products to be delivered to dealers later this year.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jul 26, 2004 0 comments
If you're the type who can't decide among all the disc formats (SACD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CD, MP3-encoded CD, and Laserdisc), Integra has just announced a six-disc DVD changer that's compatible with nearly every disc format on the planet. (Sorry, Laserdisc fans, but Integra didn't include compatibility with those venerable old 12-inch movie discs. Although you won't be able to watch your old disc collection in the new Integra changer, those discs still make great serving platters!) Integra's DPC-8.5 is built around a six-disc carousel tray that incorporates a unique blue illumination light, making it easier to see what's in the tray when the room lights are down low and you're trying to impress that special someone.
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Posted: Jun 14, 2007 0 comments

Talk about news stories of ironic proportions. On Monday the HD DVD Promotional Group trumpeted record sales of standalone HD DVD players three weeks into an agressive marketing campaign that featured major advertising support and $100 in-store rebates on players. According to the press release, 150,000 standalone HD DVD players have been purchased by consumers, representing 60% of the dedicated player market.

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Barry Willis Posted: Dec 06, 2004 0 comments

Many technology pundits agree that LCD screens should become commonplace high-def displays in the near future.

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Barry Willis Posted: May 10, 2004 0 comments

It's expensive to acquire new satellite TV subscribers. Both DirecTV and EchoStar added hundreds of thousands of new subscribers in the most recent quarter, but both posted financial losses in the process.

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Jon Iverson Posted: Feb 18, 2001 0 comments

There's some good news and then there's some bad news for video manufacturers so far this year. According to figures released last week by the <A HREF="">Consumer Electronics Association</A> (CEA), DVD sales were up 55% last month over those from January 2000, with sales of 570,000 units. The trade organization says that sales of DVD players seem poised for another year of record growth in 2001, as the "fastest selling consumer electronics product of all time".

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Oct 07, 2008 0 comments
Remember Miller & Kreisel, also known as M&K? The once reputable American speaker brand is making a comeback as MK Sound thanks to a Danish startup company and an American retailer.
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SV Staff Posted: Dec 31, 2008 0 comments
Seems like an odd time of year, but tomorrow, at 6:00pm, the MLB Network is launching on a cable or satellite provider near you. In the dead of winter, the boys of summer are hitting about 50 million households. This is a 24-hour baseball...
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: May 10, 2010 0 comments
If you like baseball, need a 3D fix, and want to indulge both appetites at the same time, DirecTV, the Yes Network, and the FSN Network have just what you need. They're going to air Major League Baseball games in 3D in nine lucky states.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Aug 14, 2007 0 comments
Here's the good news: Time Warner Cable subscribers will be able to view already-aired programming at the touch of a button. And now here's the bad news: The fast-forward function is disabled.
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SV Staff Posted: May 13, 2008 0 comments
While 45 rpm records aren't exactly news, and even 45 rpm LP records aren't news, most pop and indie fans will be surprised when they see these as new releases. Over at CNET, it's an interesting read. What's the frequency, Kenneth? R.E.M. released...
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Michael Berk Posted: Aug 30, 2011 0 comments

MOG, the streaming service that emerged victorious in our showdown with Spotify, comes to yet another venue - the Boxee Box, the digital media receiver S+V's Geoffrey Morri

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Barry Willis Posted: Sep 01, 2003 Published: Sep 02, 2003 0 comments

Many home theater experts assert that a center channel loudspeaker belongs <I>behind</I> the screen&mdash;which is what commercial theaters do with them. Yet many acoustically-transparent perforated screens contribute moir&#233; interference to the image when used with fixed-pixel (LCD, DLP, and D-ILA) projectors.


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