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Logitech has introduced the Harmony Elite, the first remote control in the popular Harmony line designed ground up as a whole-home controller with dedicated buttons for instant access to lighting and temperature controls and a touchscreen interface that communicates the status of all home devices at a glance.
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In a nod to the many classic Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series speakers still found lurking in mastering and recording studios around the globe, B&W recently invited the audio press to New York’s renown Sterling Sound mastering studios to unveil the new 800 Series Diamond speaker family. But it would be wrong to call this a revision.

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Audio manufacturer SVS, which first made its name with high-performance subwoofers and now sells a mix of high-value, full-range speakers that have been favorably reviewed by Sound & Vision and others, made two key moves recently that should please enthusiasts and SVS fans—and neither involves a new product announcement.

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RP-150M Speaker System
Build Quality
R-110SW Subwoofer
Build Quality
PRICE $2,399 as reviewed

Titanium-dome tweeters in 90x90 Tractrix horns
Tractrix-shaped rear ports
Wireless sub option
Sacrifices some warmth for analytic detail
Sub subdued

Klipsch’s Reference Premiere achieves high resolution at a low price, though it can be too revealing for some content.

Klipsch is built on concepts so fundamental that they have transcended changes in audio fashion and even ownership. Chief among them is the concept of horn-loading, promulgated by the legendary Paul W. Klipsch (1904–2002) and marketed by him, his family, and their successors. It enables reasonably priced speakers to play louder, and to many listeners sound clearer, with less power. Klipsch speakers also look like no one else’s, thanks to the tangerine/copper color of the woofers, another of the brand’s 20th-century traditions.

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Nobody likes failure and Microsoft has had more than its fair share. Its latest casualty—the Zune media player—never really made much of a splash and has been dying a slow death for some time now. The player was actually discontinued in 2012 but the Music Pass service limped along until the PC giant quietly pronounced it dead yesterday.
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Q I want to optimize Tidal music streaming so I get the best sound quality. But I’m a million miles away from being an audiophile and find the whole thing really confusing. Right now I stream Tidal using either my iPhone or iPad, and have a pair of Bose QC headphones. I looked into buying a headphone amp, but am unsure if such devices improve the quality of streamed music. Can you point me in the right direction? —Lee Cooper

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Sony announced an imminent update that will add high dynamic range (HDR) capability to its X850C, X900C, and X910C 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) TVs. The update was previously announced for X930C and X940C model TVs.

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Polk Boom, the spinoff lifestyle brand targeting adventure-oriented consumers, today introduced two compact Bluetooth speakers designed for rugged, on-the-go use.
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With the small screen going mobile, TV networks are chasing viewers. The number of people who subscribe to Comcast’s Internet service surpassed its video subscribers for the first time this year. As the owner of NBC, Comcast is likely hearing, “Philadelphia, we have a problem.”
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Moving, either across town or across country is up there with life's highest stress producers, just below a death in the family, divorce, being fired, or taxes. And as I've alluded to in previous blogs, when an audiophile or home theater enthusiast is involved (and many of us are both), all bets are off as to which of these events is the worst! I’ve written a bit about my recent move before, but there’s always more to say...


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