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Amphion Loudspeakers of Finland has announced a replacement for its Argon 7L floorstanding speaker.
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I’ve been fascinated with player pianos ever since I visited the Alamo Saloon in Old Abilene Town years ago as a kid. The reenactment of Wild Bill Hickok’s famous gunfight was a hoot, but watching those cancan girls dance to an upright piano that was playing itself was downright mesmerizing. I recently visited the Yamaha Artist Services facility in New York to experience a modern, super-charged version of that old player piano—the Disklavier Enspire.
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Italian speaker maker Sonus faber has announced the Homage Tradition collection featuring revamped versions of the company’s Amati and Guarneri speakers and the new Serafino, a scaled down version of the floorstanding Amati.
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Ken C. Pohlmann Posted: Feb 07, 2017 3 comments
OK. First we need to talk about the picture. His name is Graham. Don’t get too creeped out. He’s not a real guy. He’s just a rendering. You’ve probably already seen Graham. His picture has been floating around the web-o-sphere for a while. He is what a guy might look like if he’s evolved to survive car crashes. But I’m pretty sure it’s also what you would look like, after Alexa has her way with you.
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Nothing steps up your game like a pair of custom earphones. They’re usually priced so high that customs were reserved for only the most devoted audiophiles. Snugs, a company out of London, England is making them accessible to the masses by creating custom ear tips, and partnering with Echobox to match them to the Nomad Titanium Earphones(MSRP $399).

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Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Leon Speakers is now shipping its revamped UX line of speakers, designed to complement the thinnest of today’s TVs.
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Periodic Audio, formed last year by consumer electronics veterans Daniel Wiggins and Mike Kim and backed by a team of engineers with deep audio experience, introduced its first in-ear monitors over the weekend at the CanJam NYC headphone expo.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Feb 04, 2017 2 comments
2016 was a brutal year for rock fans and especially for progressive-rock fans. We didn't lose just Prince and Bowie. We lost Keith Emerson's keyboards, and in the final month of the year, the extraordinary voice, not to mention the bass and guitar, of Greg Lake. The year before we lost Chris Squire's Rickenbacker bass. If you recall my ELP in 5.1 review and Keith Emerson tribute, you might be a little tired of hearing about the keyboard-based power trio that was one of my boyhood heroes. But I can't let Greg Lake's death at age 69 pass unremarked.

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In reviewing our Top Picks for the month of January, something became evident very quickly: Seven of the nine products we reviewed made our 2016 Top Picks of the Year list...
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When a child’s father leaves his home in a small village to seek work in the city, his young son, not understanding why his father has left, sets out on a mission to find him.

That’s the plot of Brazilian director Alê Abreu’s dramatically obscure but stunningly animated film. We’re encouraged to experience the world through the boy’s eyes. If his world doesn’t always make sense to us, that may be the point. The world is a jumble to a young boy, and the result is a brilliant and visually compelling adventure. The film was nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar in 2015 (Inside Out won, however).