Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Sep 06, 2008 0 comments
Velodyne’s new in-wall subwoofer uses two active forward-firing drivers and two rectangular passive drivers. One passive driver fires upward at a 45-degree angle while the other fires downward at a 45-degree angle. Velodyne says this helps to cancel out vibrations that might transfer to the wall. It fits in a standard 2” x 4” wall and comes with an external 400-watt amplifier that includes a 5-band EQ, built-in test generator, microphone, and remote control.
Fred Manteghian Posted: Sep 06, 2008 23 comments

Both the Auditor M and the Cremona M are part of the Cremona series characterized by their grill cloth which consists of fabric like strings. $5,500-$6,000 for the Center and $5,895/pr for the Auditor M.

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A small two-way meant for on wall placement. $5,895/pr. Available in natural maple (shown) or graphite.

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Feast your eyes on the redesigned cabinetry of the Aerial 7C. Curvy lines are definitely in.

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Michael Kelly stands next to his updated 20T speaker. German manufactured speaker material includes carbon fiber. The cast ribbon guide is a custom piece as well.

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It's for real! More details further down (way way way further down) in the show report.

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Hidden in a hotel suite near the convention center, Taiwanese company Chi Lin Technology showed an early prototype of what the company claims to be the world's first LED-illuminated DLP front projector (though I doubt it will be the first to market; Optoma and Digital Projection are working on similar products). Based on the 0.95" DarkChip3 DMD, the illumination source is the PhlatLite LED module from Luminus. This puppy draws up to 3 amps of current to achieve a final peak light output of 600 lumens, requiring liquid cooling to prevent meltdown. It's worth it if the claimed contrast ratio of 100,000:1 can actually be reached. The unit I saw was an early prototype; the product is slated for sale in the third quarter of 2009.

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The front panel LCD screen is an integral part of the new SSP220. It looks great, as does the rear panel connection which feature both single-ended and balanced outputs. Video processing includes converting component to HDMI up to 1080p. It's good to see some high end companies like Halcro getting into the home theater game, even if the SSP220 is $12,000!

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You can see the 4-in 1-out HDMI connections to the right of the component video connectors.

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French audio manufacturer, heretofore excelling in two channel audio has put their toe into the home theater waters with their YA701 multichannel receiver. Okay, first off, there's no video switching built in, but YBA offers a video box with two HDMI inputs (one output) and two component and two composite inputs (and outputs). There is no accommodation for HD audio formats, but YBA plans an upgrade in the future for Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD MA. Pretty cool and we're looking forward to the next generation.