ZVOX ZBASE 555 Surround Soundbar Sweepstakes

Register to win a ZVOX ZBASE 555 Surround Soundbar (MSRP $399.99) we are giving away.

According to ZVOX:

Unlike conventional home theater systems or "sound bars," the ZVOX 555 creates room-filling three-dimensional sound from a single low-profile cabinet. No external speakers or subwoofers. No speaker wires. Just place your flat panel TV on top of the ZVOX system, plug in one connecting wire -- and you're ready to go.

The 555 uses 5 full-range speakers, a 5.25" powered subwoofer, a 70-watt amplifier and ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround technology. It includes revolutionary a Dialog Emphasis circuit to create super-clear voice reproduction. And you can program the 555 to work with virtually any remote control.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

msksmk's picture

i have front/back/center channel speakers. i have to turn the sound effects very loud to be able too hear the dialogue, will this model bring out the movie dialogue better?

aragorn546's picture

this would be great for the bedroom, as the speakers have blown out on the tv there (the wife pushed them too far) and there is no room for even a stereo reciever

vlaspisa's picture

Better sound in front of TV than from the back, sounds good to me!

rsmith449's picture

I still hope I can win!!!!

TechNTools's picture

Always great to give back to the community...thanks again!

bbender1@gmail.com's picture

I want one really bad. Hope I win.

chanman's picture

When do I send you my shipping address? :-)

MARKLSHANE1942's picture

not user friendly

jlafount's picture

Beats the speakers in my HDTVs

Music Man's picture

This would make a great addition to any flat panel being used in a secondary location.

epbartel's picture

..sure would work for me..

ModifiedPhoto's picture

To go with my brand new Dish "Hopper" at my new house!

BillB's picture

Yes , perrrfect for the bedroom !

KT1150's picture

Need this Yesterday.

playball22's picture

this would make my lcd tv sound great.fantastic brand

CooperDay's picture

This is a phenominal unit. Heard it and was very impressed. Small in size, big in sound.

Jake's picture

Heard one once at an A/V show in NYC and it was quite impressive. Would love to own one!

psltopdog's picture

Need a new one

jairus's picture

When we moved to our new house I had a 32 Zenith CRT flat screen hdtv. Beautiful TV but my wife thought it was too big for our small bedroom. I set up an Acer K11 projector with a 72" screen in the bedroom and I'm happy with the pq. I'm still debating if I should set up a 5.1 audio system so winning this would be sweet. I have a pair of PC speakers set up right now and the sound is...lacking.

batts.bill's picture

Must research the claim on its ability to "create room filling 3d sound" since the odds of winning are about as good as the lottery!

AdamHedman's picture

Just saved up for a new tv and the screen is so small/thin they decided to give me speakers the size of quarters... Needles to say, it would be a blessing to the entire family if I was chosen to win the soundbar! Thanks to Zvox for sponsoring this contest and for Home Theater for giving me something to enjoy reading!

jwillis253's picture

Daddy likee....Come to papa bear.

dfw_scooter's picture

have just the place for the 555

aljosc's picture

This will compliment my living room.

doug's picture

This would make a great gift!

gap's picture

I've heard it. It sounds good. Would love to own one.

jgw989's picture

Finally a sound bar built so that you can place the TV on top. With it in front of the TV most of them block the uv receptor.

krig's picture

This would be soo good!

smokeybones98's picture

This soundbar would complete my man-cave!!

DMBWings's picture

Thank you!