You Can Never be TOO Thin...

According to news out of Korea, the new LG Scarlet TV is the world's thinnest TV. Well, at 45mm thick, it  is quite thin. But the thinnest model in the world? Not so fast, Ms. Scarlet. In a scene that could play out behind the scenes at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, others are stepping forward to say that THEY are the thinnest, in particular - Hitachi's new line that's about to launch in the US. Hitachi's UltraThin 1.5 line converts to, if my math is right, 38.1mm. In a quick backstage alteration of phrasing, LG has changed their tune, rather quickly...

Ut_splash No sooner than the controversy hit the blog-waves, LG quickly revamped their web pages to correct their exaggerated overly confident claim. Now, they claim the Scarlet is their thinnest model to date, and among the world's thinnest LCDs. Funny how quickly they changed their tune. Thin is in, but really, who hasn't fibbed a little about their size?-Leslie Shapiro

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