Ultimate Demos Debuts

In UAV's never-ending quest to bring you the ultimate in audio and video, we are proud to introduce a new feature on the site—Ultimate Demos. Each week, movie reviewer David Vaughn will identify a reference-quality Blu-ray title, complete with the chapter number and time code of specific scenes that exemplify different video and audio performance parameters, such as detail, color, blacks, shadow detail, audio dynamics, frequency range, and surround imaging. He'll also point out what to look and listen for in each case.

The purpose of Ultimate Demos is to recognize superlative Blu-ray titles that can be used to demonstrate the qualities of your home theater. After all, everyone with such a system wants to show it off to family and friends, and the titles we recommend will do so in the best possible light.

But keep in mind that this is a double-edged sword. In addition to showing off the best that your system can do, reference-quality titles can also reveal its shortcomings—in fact, playing these discs might tempt you to upgrade your equipment, a potentially expensive proposition. Just don't blame us if you find fault with your gear!

As a reviewer, I find it invaluable to have a collection of known reference-quality Blu-rays, which helps me determine what a display, player, or audio component does well and not so well. But this is also important for users so they can demonstrate and evaluate the performance of their own systems. In the end, playing these titles can provide a deep sense of satisfaction in just how good modern home theaters can be, so turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and get ready for the best that Blu-ray has to offer.

If you have a suggestion for an Ultimate Demo title, please send it to me at scott.wilkinson@sorc.com.

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Frank's picture

I know I'm stating the obvious, but how about some more actual product reviews...

ECC's picture

Here, here! What's up with the lack of reviews? It's been quite awhile since anything of substance has been posted on this website.

Steve in Manitoba's picture

They have a point Scott. You are going to alienate many of us to other sites if you keep up this abundant fascination with 100k+ equipment. Yes I know its UltimateAVmag, but ultimate means different things to different people. Your audience considering 100k equipment is very very small. Its cool to look at in a casual way but lets move to reviews of Ultimate equipment that we can actually afford. I would hazard to say most of us use this site as a resource to make sound purchasing decisions and not for drooling over things we can never afford. At least to the level you seem to be going.

Mahmood Batasi's picture

I love the new way of reviewing the BD movies. Having actual time frams and what to listen for really is a neat idea. I don't think any home AV gear webste that reviews movies has this type of information. Also knowing the kit the movie was playng on also helps as that is an indication of the quality of equipment used. Please can we have more of these types of review (maybe for every movie review-sorry Dave:)) I have been into Home Theater since the Dolby Surround days and i do feel that the 'art of giving a good demo'are lacking in many outlets. I'm sure many sales people who also read UAV will find this info helpful and also advise customers 'what' to look/listen for when giving a demo, instead of just turning the volume up. Back in the day, i used to tell my cutomers what to look for or listen for based on my own investigations with the movies i owned. Having read some of the reviews, i am considering getting a couple of discs that i otherwise would not have rented/purchased. Keep u

David Vaughn's picture

Mahmood, Thanks for the kind words, and don't worry about the "Ultimate Demo's," they'll keep coming! Scott and I think it's a great feature and it gives a glimpse to the reader of what I look for and listen for on a disc. My goal is to have two per week and if a particular week's reviews aren't demo-worthy, I'll go back to earlier reviews that scored high and highlight those discs. Quick question for you and other readers, would a feedback forum such as this blog be a welcome addition to comment on reviews? Let us know and thanks. Best regards, David

Bruce in CO's picture

David, A feedback forum would be great. Hopefully, it would be for equipment reviews in addition to movie reviews.

Mahmood Batasi's picture

A feedback forum would be interesting. This way, readers can share their experiences as well. It may open up a debate as well. Reason i say this is because some readers may not see/hear what you saw/heard. My take on this is that if you saw/heard it then it must be in the movie as your setup would be far more better calibrated than mine! The only common ground i have with your set up is MK speakers (750HX) and a Stewart ST130 screen. Keep up the good work, although i will find myself renting and urchasing more BD discs now! LOL

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