Transport Perceptual Pod

New bed features loudspeakers by Anthony Gallo Acoustics

New bed features loudspeakers by Anthony Gallo Acoustics

The fully custom Transport was designed by Alberto Frias following years of research in perceptual psychology and optical illusions. The Transport's integrated high-end audio system features Anthony Gallo Acoustics' four-inch Nucleus Micro speakers, as well as the company's 240-watt MPS subwoofer.

"As a graduate student working on my master's thesis in architecture, I focused my research on light, sound and space," states Frias. "I became fascinated with the trance-like effect one gets from meditating upon the crashing ocean waves or when staring at the clear blue sky. I then became determined to create an environment that would recall that heightened state of awareness."

The Transport, which allows users to lay on a temperature-controlled waterbed surface, can be integrated with a home stereo, computer or iPod and can be remote controlled. The LED lightening system makes it easy to personalize the lighting effects and provides energy efficiency.

The Transport is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art, with each unit being handmade and custom-ordered. The Transport is available in two sizes: a six-foot standard version or a large eight-foot diameter version. Standard exterior colors are white or black high gloss gel coat finish. The Transport can be experienced and ordered at Twentieth, a modern furnishings and design store in Beverly Hills.

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Eddie's picture

I like it for what it is. If I had money burning a hole in my pocket, and an extra room in my house, I might buy one.

christina's picture

If I have a such bed , I will have a nice dream.It's so special and lovely

Kelly's picture

id like to have sexy time in there!

Lewis Jobson's picture

My dog has had one of these for years, without the speakers. We call it a doghouse!

Chan's picture

Where can i get one in australia? sign me up!

Jade's picture

Looks like something "Mork" crawled out of/lived in/traveled in/was born from... Pretty cool nonetheless.

jereraker's picture

hey friend thanks for sharing about transport perceptual pod..This architecture is really awesome. Your research is really great as for this concept. I liked this design I will try to buy in future. amish furniture pennsylvania

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