Third-Gen BD Player From Pioneer

Tell me about it. I have a Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD back at home, and a review ready for a fact-check. Hell, the virtual ink isn't even dry and I don't think a full month has passed since I got the thing, and here's its replacement, The $999 Pioneer Elite BDP-95HD.

This player will be on the market in October, and yes, you may know what that means. This player will do everytihing it's advertised to do, and if prior experience is an indicator more functionality will be implemented throughout the player's life. But it comes in under deadline and is BD-ROM Profile 1, meaning it does not have the hardware necessary to support streamed Picture-In-Picture or BD Live networking functionality. According to Pioneer, this is a BDP-94HD with an HDMI 1.3 output and the ability to pass Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio as native bitstreams.

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bill's picture

I am still confused. i have been waiting for years to get a home theater room ready. Finaly that day has come and there is so much more than before. question. if i use prioneer's vsx-92thx reciever and want to use a blu-ray and or hd dvd can't i just get a player that will pass along the information and let my $1300.00 reciever process it? i want to use the pearl or the black pearl for the projector. but there does not seem to be the answears out there that i am looking for.

Shane's picture

Yes- you can now do that if you choose. But we're not recommending it. If you select bitstream output for a Blu-ray or HD DVD player you will lose the secondary audio sounds- commentaries, PIP video commentaries, menu sounds and effects, etc. And for that, by decoding in the AVR you gain nothing in performance. Zero. and look for an article on this very subject soon.

Derek's picture

OK I am confused Shane. I just ordered an Elite 150FD plasma and decided to wait and get the BDP-95HD player. I am trying to decide between the Elite 95THX or Onkyo 905 receiver. Will I have problems with either setup in getting video commentaries, menu sounds etc...? I have an opportunity to get an BDP-94HD player at a good price but I wanted to stay 1.3 all the way from BD to TV. Though I am not really sure anything uses it. Yeah I am confused...

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