Subscription Video Streamers Are Voracious ‘TV Everywhere’ Viewers

One out of five (21 percent) pay TV subscribers use the TV Everywhere streaming services provided by their pay-TV operator at least once a month, according to the new “TV Everywhere” survey from NPD Group.

Based on a nationwide survey of 4,025 pay-TV subscribers, the report found that consumers who also subscribe to subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services tend to be the most active users of TV Everywhere services.

Other findings include:

  • Three out of four SVOD homes also have a traditional cable/satellite/wireless pay TV subscription
  • Three-in-ten SVOD homes use TV everywhere weekly, compared with two-in-ten for users who do not subscribe to an SVOD service
  • Nine out of ten SVOD subscribers reported being satisfied with their TV Everywhere experience.
  • Dual SVOD/pay TV users say they most appreciate the ability to watch TV anywhere in the home, and 46 percent want to be able to download shows so they can watch them outside of the home

“Though some SVOD subscribers may be cutting the cord, the evidence is that the overwhelming majority are not only keeping the cord, they are lengthening it through aggressive use of TV Everywhere,” said Russ Crupnick, NPD’s senior vice president, industry analyst. “This speaks to the level of engagement they have with programming and a comfort in using the Internet to both access and interact with that programming.”

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