Special Report: Flat-Panel TV

Flat-Panel Basics A quick rundown on how plasma and LCD screens work, their comparative advantages and drawbacks, and typical pricing. •Inside a Plasma Screen Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas. •Inside a Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) The first of the fixed-pixel display technologies, LCDs debuted in pocket calculators in the 1970s. They've grown up since then - a lot. •Plasma vs. LCD The flat-panel alternatives go head-to-head before our expert panel's discriminating eyes. •The Future of Flat-Panel TVs New flat-TV technologies promising better pictures - and some other surprises - are gearing up to challenge plasma and LCD •How to Mount a Flat-Panel TV Is getting a flat-panel set out of the box and onto the wall something you can do yourself, or do you need to hire a pro? •Maxing Out Resolution How much resolution your TV needs for best possible picture quality depends on screen size and seating distance. Here's how to figure it all out. •HDTV Buying Guide Shopping for a new TV or projector? Check and compare features, specs, and prices for more than 600 models, HD and otherwise, in our interactive buying guide.

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