Sony F65 8K Camcorder

With all the 4K digital video cameras at the show, I was surprised to find an 8K camera, the Sony F65. However, even though it has an 8K imager, it outputs 4K. So why use an 8K imager? Because capturing images at a resolution higher than they will be shown can result in better picture quality than capturing at the intended resolution to begin with. No pricing was announced, but I bet it will be six figures.
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Peter Jackson is using the new Red Epic 5K camera in beam-splitting 3D rigs for The Hobbit; we had a Red rep on the TWiT show today who verified that. I'll have more about the Red Epic tomorrow.

As for frame rate, the Sony F65 will do any rate up to 120fps! The JVC will do 24, 50, or 60fps, and the Red Epic will do 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60fps, all progressive.

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How will changing the sampling rate from 24 to 48 change the look/feel of "film"
Also is any sort of pull down/conversion have to happen to get the 48 frames from the native 50fps? or is there a special 48 frame mode?

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If this or any of the other 4K+ cameras being shown support 48P
It does seem thats more geared for 3D productions - but that does seem to be where the market is heading and fixating on - I'm curious as to what Peter Jackson is using to shoot the hobbit with stacked camera's shooting at 48P that announced the other day - IF that is using production pro equipment or if a custom solution was made.

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Switching to 48fps will certainly look smoother and sharper than 24fps, which I suppose is less "film-like" by definition, but I certainly welcome that change.

I was incorrect about the Red's frame can shoot at any rate up to 120fps at full resolution, and it fits whatever frame rate it's capturing into the conventional clock rates of 24, 48, etc. I don't know the details of this process.

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