Son of Ruby?

It has long been rumored that Sony is readying a new, lower-priced SXRD front projector to slot in under the current VPL-VW100. Now those rumors, while not yet confirmed, have more substance. The new projector is codenamed Pearl, and may have the official designation VPL-VW50. (The internal codename for the VPL-VW100, Ruby, has stuck as a name for that projector, though it appears in none of Sony's promotional materials). If the rumors pan out, the new projector will be introduced at the 2006 International Funkausstellung in Berlin in early September, and most certainly will have its official U.S. launch at the 2006 CEDIA EXPO in Denver two weeks later.

The accompanying photo, also seen on the Internet, is apparently from a source in Hong Kong. The specifics are hazy, but the projector will have a full 1920x1080 resolution, an auto iris, a 200W UHP lamp (not the expensive—and expensive to replace—xenon lamp of the VPL-VW100), and a price somewhere between that of the "Ruby" and Sony's LCD projectors. The German website where the most recent news first broke claimed 6000-7000 euros, but US prices will certainly be lower than the near-$10,000 this figure would imply at current exchange rates. My educated guess (and that's all it is) is $6500.

Other details, which may or may not be on the mark, include Sony's third-generation SXRD panels, a specified 15,000:1 contrast ratio (almost certainly with the auto iris engaged), two HDMI inputs, and a low fan noise level of 22dB. Availability should be in October, but we all know how often new product launches tend to slip.

If true, other manufacturers launching new 1080p projectors will soon be counting the Sony logos floating under their eyelids while trying to get to sleep. CEDIA will certainly be interesting this year.

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VPL-VW50 SXRD Full HD (1920x1080) 200W UHP Lamp 1080p (+24p) Input Capable 15000:1 Contrast Ratio Advanced IRIS + Manual IRIS For screens < 120" (900 lumens) 2HDMI (ver.1.2) No DRC

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I'm curious to find out just what the Pearl will do with a 1080p/24 input. The only benefit to a direct 1080p/24 source (for film-originated material, of course) is the ability to display it without 3/2 pulldown. This will result in smoother motion, with no 3/2 judder. But to display such an input without serious flicker, a display must either double the frame rate to 48fps or, even better, triple it to 72fps. The only currently available digital displays I know of that will frame triple a 24fps source are Pioneer Elite plasmas. Without frame doubling or tripling, the only practical thing a display can do with a 1080p/24 input is to convert it to 1080p/60 using 3/2 pulldown! This most certainly will render it no better than a source that was 1080p/60 in the first place! This may have influenced Samsung's thinking when they released their first Blu-ray player without a 1080p/24 output option, despite the fact that Blu-ray (and HD DVD)discs of film-based material are mastered at 1080p/24.

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SXRD projector for $6500?! SHWING!

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Just announced at CEDIA, this puppy will be available later THIS MONTH for $4,999! I can't wait to see how this puppy performs!

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