SineLock AC Conditioner Improves Audio and Video

Camarillo, California-based SineLock has introduced the first of a series of advanced AC conditioners intended for use in both the consumer and professional markets. The devices provide a minimum of -80dB reduction in line-borne noise and -50dB of isolation between outlets dedicated for either digital or analog gear. The result: better audio detail and clearer video images.

SineLock's base model will safely supply continuous current of 3 amperes, enough to power all the digital and analog front end equipment in a typical home entertainment system. Peak currents, of course, may be much higher. Larger models will include a 10-amp model designed to support the most power hungry of amplifiers and other equipment. Custom configurations of outputs and current ratings of up to 20 amps are available on a special order basis.

The 3-amp unit is fitted with two duplex AC receptacles, color-coded to differentiate intended use for analog and digital equipment. High current models are fitted with a single duplex AC receptacle to supply power to a pair of mono amplifiers.

SineLock circuitry includes a seven-pole filter design to reduce AC line noise by -80dB at the output and maintain -50dB of isolation between analog and digital outputs. The units are of a true balanced configuration relative to earth ground. Californians take note: Unlike some popular "regenerators" on the market, which consume as much power as a 150 watt flood light whenever they are on, the SineLock is a passive device, drawing only a few milliamps of current---just enough to light the indicator LED. Yet SineLock outputs an AC voltage with higher, cleaner peaks than the power supplied by your local utility.

Base price for the 3-amp model is $2500. All SineLock components carry a ten year warranty and are available directly from the manufacturer and from selected dealers in the United States.

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