Shopping Guide to Home Theater

Electronics superstores are terrific. If you're out shopping for an HDTV, they're likely to have at least a couple dozen models to choose from, where a specialty store might have half as many. And, of course, a small store can't begin to compete with a superstore's prices.

But there's a point where many superstores come up short, and that's service. It can be hard to find a salesman who knows all the ins and outs of every one of those HDTVs. And you might even find yourself stuck with some guy who's got only the vaguest idea what an HDTV is - let alone the differences between DLP and LCD.

On the following pages you'll find expert advice on how to buy the gear for your home theater. We promise not to bog you down with a lot of tech speak but will instead give you an idea of what questions to ask and what to look for. Armed with this knowledge, you can go to the store - whether it's a mega monster or a small specialty dealer - and hone in on exactly what you need. And intimidation will be a thing of the past when you find that you actually know more about this stuff than the salesman.

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