Shift Happens

In the fast-paced Web world, nothing remains the same for long. So it is with We decided it was time for a major makeover, and the result is now staring you in the face—welcome to the new UAV!

As you can plainly see, we've focused our—and your—attention on larger, more engaging images of ultimate audio and video products as befits our name. Each day, the Ultimate Gear blog will bring you something new and gorgeous to look at as well as thoughtful, seasoned commentary on the extreme end of the A/V world.

Of course, most of us can only dream about owning or even experiencing the products we profile here, but that's precisely the point—to dream big! Who among us doesn't enjoy fantasizing about the ultimate in video displays, players, pre/pros, power amps, speakers, and all the other goodies that geeks love? At UAV, you'll find a daily parade of drool-worthy items to ignite your lust for high-end audio and video, and it will cost you nothing!

Even better, we will continue to help you get the most from whatever home-theater system you do have with our Blu-ray movie reviews and Ultimate Demos. Unlike most online movie reviews, ours concentrate on the audio and video quality of the titles, steering you toward discs that provide the best possible A/V experience. And the Ultimate Demos column identifies specific scenes—down to the time-code second—that show off just what your system can really do.

With 3D being such a hot topic these days, the Ultimate 3D blog is an essential resource for all the latest developments in this rapidly changing arena. Here, straightforward explanations and reasoned commentary cut through the hype to reach the truth about 3D in commercial and home theaters.

Another area of great interest is the realm of up-and-coming A/V technologies, which is where the Ultimate Tech blog comes in. I've always been fascinated by technological innovation, and I know I'm not alone, so I will continue looking for nascent ways to enjoy and enhance the audio/video experience.

One of the most exciting things I do these days is a weekly podcast called Home Theater Geeks, in which I chat with some of the industry's most respected and influential technoids—not marketeers—about their particular areas of expertise. It's a great opportunity to learn from the masters, so I invite you to check it out as you're commuting, exercising, or exploring UAV.

Perhaps most importantly, all entries on the site now offer the opportunity to add your own comments to them. The comments are nested so different threads can be followed easily, HTML tags are no longer required to separate paragraphs and otherwise format text, and you can edit your comments after they've been posted to correct typos, add a thought, etc. Unlike the previous site, you'll need to register to post comments, but once you do, you can comment on any article without having to enter your name and e-mail address each time. (We've also eliminated that annoying "captcha" code!)

In my view, the updated comment functionality is among the most important and powerful features of the new site, making it easier for you to participate in an active and growing community of those who enjoy exploring the world of ultimate audio and video. It also lets you communicate directly with us (and vice versa)—I encourage you to ask questions, make suggestions, and otherwise express yourself, and we will respond as appropriate.

Keep in mind that at UAV, there is no such thing as a dumb or stupid question—there's only knowledge you don't yet have, and we are dedicated to providing it to anyone who asks. And if we can't, there are probably other readers who can. All I ask is that you remain polite and respectful and avoid the use of profanity.

Now, it's your turn. I invite you to look around and let us know what you think of the new site. Meanwhile, I look forward to bringing you the ultimate in all things audio and video for your daily amusement and amazement. Above all, we're about having A/V fun, so enjoy!

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I want to share the newest Walk Off the Earth cover song.

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