Save the Cheerleader, Save the World?

Sharp is a progressive company and, while they might not categorize themselves as Heroes, their 3.2 $B expansion in Sakai City (Osaka) is designed not just for making energy saving LCDs, but also for expanding production of energy producing solar cells. TFT LCDs and thin-film solar cells depend on the same thin-film technology so improvements in LCD production will trickle over solar cell development as well.

The new plant will produce the largest mother glass sheets yet, with each 112" x 120" sheet large enough for cutting up to six 60" class LCD panels. So, in tandem with meeting the publics demand for more and more LCDs, Sharp will also have built the largest solar cell plant in the world. Construction of the facility will start this year and should be completed in 2010.

Way to go Sharp!

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