Samsung SP-A900B

When I heard that Samsung has a new Joe Kane-designed single-chip DLP projector, I had to check it out. The SP-A900B boasts 35% better contrast than the SP-A800B, mostly due to lower blacks thanks to the DarkChip 4 DMD and other refinements. To help Samsung sell the projector—which it has been unable to do in any volume with previous models—Kane is helping to set up a real distribution channel that will make the projector available only through dealers who install and calibrate it. The SP-A900B should be available next month for $15,000. The demo is using the new Da-Lite Affinity screen, which Kane also helped design, and the result is spectacular—the best video image at the show in my view.
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Yes, as already noted the Samsung sp-a800b which only came out just over a year ago is now dusted by this unit, and an add $5k to boot. Good luck, because in no time at all a solid state lamp free, color wheel free unit will save it's buyers hundreds if not thousand of dollars in blub replacement costs not to mention having to calibrate it each time that light source begins to lose it edge. The a800b got good reviews, and I am sure the sp-a900 will favor even better, but really the omission of the DMD Darkchip4 was obvisously a timing issue matter. What do you tell those who ponyed up next to ten grand for the first time around "Sorry you all just bought it too soon, and should of waited for the a900." Samsung & Mr. Kane, I look forward to your next unit that will not only be all that I already mentioned but will also display in a native resolution 4096x2160. Don't laugh guys and girls; 4k is just round the corner and guess who wants to sell one? Things such as these, we fuss so, but they ne

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"available only through dealers who install and calibrate it" "$15,000" The dealer incentive - mark up must be very good, do you get calibration thrown in or is that extra. It seems to be designed for businesses who want a reference quality display and can claim it as a business expense. Home cinema fans value high contrast ratio as this gives much more perceived improvement in image quality than slightly more accurate colors. On contrast ratio and price it is not competitive. Samsung should listen to consummers rather than gurus like Joe Kane. How much added value do they think his design input - endorsement is worth? He is popular with calibrators - installers, so I guess a good advocate for their product along with the dealer-installer only sales channel and of course price - mark up. Still if the dealer-installer says it is the best money can buy.

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The SP-A900B will ship this month at a revised MSRP of $9,995

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In about a year, my wife and I will be buying a house and we will be using our basement as a home cinema. When it comes time to purchase a projector and screen, I will most likely be purchasing the next generation of Joe Kane Samsung Projectors along with the same Da Lite Affinity screen that Scott viewed at CES. I can't wait!

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Samsung is not going to sell a 1 chip PJ for 15k, I don't care if Bush does the install. 10k still a very high price for this PJ. Lower the price to 7 or 6 k where everyday Joe can handle the price. I hear Sim2 sells a PJ called Lumis for 35k and they got 3 or 4 people on AVS site going crazy for it.

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I have seen this projector up close and personal. It blew my mind. It has solved resolution issues that have plagued other projectors at 5 times the price. At 15K it is a fair price, at 10K it is a bargain. I got up to 6 inches away from the screen to see the actual 1080P picture resolution and I was impressed. As an ISF calibrator with 20 years in the Home Theater biz, I say you must give this projector some consideration for Bluray and other 1080 P applications.

Need to sell Samsung A900B for 12,500.'s picture

Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can sell my Samsung A900B? It is brand new. I can not move it far back enough to make the screen large as the room I want to use it in is too small. Contact me at if you or if you know anyone who is interested. Thanks for getting back to me. I am asking for 12,500 for it.

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